4800 West 92nd Avenue Westminster, CO 80031



Welcome to the City of Westminster, Colorado!

The mission of the City of Westminster is to deliver exceptional value and quality of life through SPIRIT. Our values are articulated through this acronym, which stands for “Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork.”

Westminster is centrally located between Denver and Boulder on the U.S. 36 high-tech corridor. It is a beautiful city designed for an exceptional quality of life. The community is nationally recognized and has a reputation for innovation and progressive management in local government. Over 108,000 residents enjoy superb recreation amenities, beautiful neighborhoods, numerous entertainment opportunities and shopping.

The City of Westminster is a full-service city and employs a work force over 1,600 in a variety of job classifications. Our employees are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to the local community in areas of:

  • Law Enforcement.
  • Fire, Medical and Emergency Management.
  • Parks, Golf and Recreation.
  • Library Services.
  • Community Development, including City Planning and Engineering.
  • Municipal Utilities.
  • Street Maintenance.
  • Plus internal services including: Human Resources, City Management, City Attorney’s Office, Finance, Building Operations and Maintenance, and Fleet.

The City of Westminster is known as a caring, team-oriented working environment with a commitment to excellence. Innovation and creativity are encouraged, where visionary people who want to see their projects and programs implemented thrive. Westminster’s work culture encourages passionate, positive and enthusiastic employees.

City of Westminster, Colorado, is an Equal Opportunity Employer.