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Water Quality

To make an inquiry or report a water quality issue, please see our Access Westminster Frequently Asked Questions site.

Westminster’s water supply is stored in Standley Lake until it is treated for your use. The quality of the water that enters Standley Lake affects the final product.

Water Quality staff members are actively involved in making certain that any upstream natural or human impacts that affect water quality do not jeopardize our supply.

The source of the surface water that fills Standley Lake originates as rain or snow at the Continental Divide in the Upper Clear Creek Watershed. The water flows down Clear Creek and is transferred to Standley Lake by way of three diversion canals.

The Water Quality Laboratory scientists routinely sample Standley Lake, Clear Creek, the diversion canals and the distributions system to check for bacteria and other possible contaminants that could affect either human health or the drinking water treatment process.

The laboratory at the Semper Water Treatment Facility is certified to analyze drinking water for some of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act requirements.

Learn more: Water Quality Report.


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