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Utilities Operations

Millions of gallons of water are delivered daily through Westminster's water and sanitary sewer pipeline infrastructure. Ensuring water is delivered efficiently and without interruption is the job of Westminster's Utilities Operations Division. This division takes great pride in the job it does, taking a proactive approach and keeping problems to a minimum and customer service to a maximum.

The Utilities Operations Division maintains approximately 517 miles of water lines, 26.2 miles of reclaimed water lines, 23.7 miles of raw water lines, 389 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 10 water storage facilities located within the city. Also, the division coordinates water and sewer system improvement projects and programs and provides meter reading services to approximately 32,246 residential and commercial accounts.

The division also oversees the Total Enterprise Asset Management System (TEAM), a maintenance/asset management program developed by Accela, Inc.  This program provides the department with the resources needed to effectively maintain the many assets that customers rely on.  Key areas of use for the TEAM system include customer service tracking and response, scheduling of preventative maintenance activities, prioritizing repair and rehabilitation, recording accurate costing for employee activities, inventory and spare parts control, equipment management, and project management.

Water Distribution System Maintenance and Improvements

Uninterrupted water delivery is the top priority. To attain this goal, the Utilities Operations Division routinely maintains the water distribution system by regularly flushing its 4,440 fire hydrants and operating water system valves. This clears unwanted sediments from the water distribution system and keeps the highest quality water arriving to homes and businesses with peak efficiency.

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