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Utilities Engineering Division

Utilities Engineering – plan, prioritize, and implement capital improvement projects within a responsible budget to sustain quality utility services; plan reviews and review of utility studies related to new developments; long-term planning for the utility to confirm project and financial needs now and through buildout; master planning for each of the City’s core utility areas of Water Supply Infrastructure, Potable Water Treatment/Distribution, Wastewater Collection/Treatment, and Reclaimed Water Treatment/Distribution.

The overall mission of this work group is to Plan,
Prioritize, and Implement Capital Improvement
Projects within the Adopted Budget to Sustain
Quality Utility Services.

Due to the size, scope, and complexity of utility capital improvement projects, the Utilities Planning and Engineering group manages some of the largest on-going financial accounts in the City, and this budget supports the implementation of approximately 50 to 75 projects annually.  The 5-year adopted capital improvement project budget can be accessed with the following link:

Additional services provided by the Utilities Planning and Engineering Division's Engineering group include:

  • Project budgeting, scoping, and scheduling.
  • Project management and implementation from initial studies and master planning though engineering design and construction.
  • Contract administration and management of outsourced services.
  • Construction management and inspections to maintain construction quality and ensure public health and safety is maintained.
  • Establishment and maintenance of City standards for new utility construction.
  • Identification and management of the utility improvements required to support community development, redevelopment, and growth in the utility service area. 
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