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Bradburn Boulevard-Raleigh Street Realignment Project

This project is in the planning stages and is among the recommendations contained in the 72nd Avenue Planning Study—Meade to Utica (2009), an evaluation of possible improvements to the 72nd Avenue corridor that would improve traffic operations and safety, enhance the appearance of this arterial roadway and improve pedestrian facilities.

The proposed realignment of Bradburn Boulevard would connect it with the existing signalized intersection of Raleigh Street and 72nd Avenue, eliminating the 200-foot offset that presently exists between the two streets that causes problems for turning vehicles, among other operational shortcomings.

In addition, the project supports the following existing and planned projects:

  • Harris Park Redevelopment: The ongoing redevelopment of this neighborhood would be supported by improved connectivity to 72nd Avenue.
  • Westminster High School: As this school has gone into service, altered traffic patterns need to be addressed.
  • FasTracks: A planned transit station and transit-oriented-redevelopment east of the project area would be supported by providing greater capacity and connectivity in the local street network.

The intersection of 72nd Avenue and Raleigh Street is also the site of a bridge culvert that carries 72nd Avenue over Little Dry Creek and an important regional trail. The culvert has a very low sufficiency rating, a measure of its condition as determined by the Colorado Department of Transportation's Off-System Bridge Inspection Program.

In conjunction with that program, the city has received a commitment of federal grants totaling $1.8 million to replace the culvert in 2013. At least $500,000 in local funding is necessary to secure the federal funding. Detailed plans will be developed in 2012 to for the bridge replacement project, with the objective to make it compatible with the concepts promoted in the planning study.

Stay tuned here for progress reports on the project, or contact the Engineering Division at 303-658-2120.

Open house held for project

Approximately 70 people on Jan. 18 attended a public open house presentation of concepts for improvements to the 72nd Avenue corridor near Bradburn Boulevard and Raleigh Street.

Comments and concerns were collected and will be included in an environmental evaluation being done as a follow-up to the planning effort.

Bradburn-Raleigh map