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Streets/Utilities Construction Projects

Looking for information on a construction project in your neighborhood? This page contains information and updates on City of Westminster utility crew projects throughout the city.

View a map of selected utility construction projects in the city.

Construction projects

Following are the current projects in the city:

136th & 144th Ave. Bridge Work

2015 Pump Station Improvement Projects

72nd and Raleigh Bridge Replacement Project

79th Avenue; Appleblossom Lane east to Hooker Street

88th Avenue Partial Closure

92nd Avenue/Federal Boulevard Intersection Improvements

120th Avenue/Federal Boulevard Intersection Improvements

City-wide Paving Operations

Federal Boulevard and 69th Bridge Replacement - CDOT Project

Federal Median Work (52nd to 67th) - CDOT Project

I-25 North Express Lanes Project - CDOT Project

McKay Lake Outfall Drainage Channel

Northridge Tank No. 3

Northwest Area Mobility Study - RTD Fastracks project

U.S. 36 Express Lanes Project - CDOT Project

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Street Improvement Projects

FasTracks - FasTracks is a multi-billion dollar comprehensive transit expansion plan to build 122 miles of new commuter rail and light rail, 18 miles of bus rapid transit and 21,000 new parking spaces at light rail and bus stations, and enhance bus service for easy, convenient bus/rail connections across the eight-county Regional Transportation District. Details on FasTracks can be found on the RTD website.

Comprehensive Roadway Plan - The city’s Comprehensive Roadway Plan was updated and adopted by Westminster City Council in 2008. The Roadway Plan evaluates existing traffic conditions, identifies improvements to mitigate deficiencies, identifies and prioritizes long-range transportation improvements, and explores opportunities to enhance linkages between the city’s transportation system (vehicular and pedestrian) and that of the Regional Transportation District and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Download the Roadway Plan