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Debbie Bergamo

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1) Why are you the most qualified person for this office?

I may not be the most qualified person if you are looking for political experience, but I may be the best qualified “average” citizen who knows that what works for one city or state does not work for another one. I will work hard for what is right for the citizens of Westminster to maintain its uniqueness and its beauty.

2) What is the most important issue facing Westminster and how will you address it?

An important issue I see facing Westminster is the many vacant retail buildings in some of the older strip malls. The way I would address the issues is to work on updating the shopping centers and making the area more attractive to businesses. I would also ask the community what types of businesses they would like to see come into their community.

3) What do you think the city does well and where do you see room for improvement?

I think the city does a good job of balancing urban living with the natural habitat that surrounds Westminster. One place I see room for improvement is to provide more affordable housing for families.

4) What is your favorite thing about living in Westminster?

My favorite thing about living in Westminster is that it is a safe community to raise a family and the beautiful scenery in and around Westminster.