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Bruce Baker

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Pharmacist, Investor, Property manager

Past elected offices:

Committee person and delegate in partisan politics, board member of HOAs at several times and in different communities

Other leadership positions and community involvement:

Captain, U.S. Army Infantry; coach/manager in youth sports; scoutmaster; caregiver; pharmacy continuing education coordinator

1) Why are you the most qualified person for this office?

I have the education and practice to ask the right questions and take ownership of our missteps. I have the courage to make the difficult decisions that will lead to better outcomes.

2) What are the most important issues facing Westminster and how will you address it?

Unlike most other levels of government, Westminster is wealthy. We have lots of money. Has any city official told you that? Unfortunately, council has directed too much money to “economic development.” “Economic development” means that council chooses some businesses to get tax money and win, while others are ignored and lose. At the Westminster Mall, the council has been carried away by a “vision.” We have abandoned our job of being the “referee” on a “level playing field.” We’ve become the major player. Council has spent over $30 million at the mall. Since we are the major investor, how much profit will we make? Is this a public-private venture where the public puts up the money and takes the risk, while the private reaps the profit? Is it fair that Jeffco schools have lost the property tax money the mall was paying? In the north part of the city along I-25, the city has cheated the Adams 12 Schools out of tens of millions of dollars by calling the land “blighted.” The land was never “blighted.” That designation was dishonest. The tax money the schools should have received, has been used as incentives for developers. The shortfall of school tax means homeowners in Adams 12 will continue to pay the highest school taxes in Colorado. Council has made wrong choices. Honesty and our citizens need to be our first priorities.

3) What do you think the city does well and where do you see room for improvement?

We do well with roads, water, sewer and parks. We should do a better job in respecting the choices our fellow citizens wish to make for themselves.

4) What is your favorite thing about living in Westminster?

My house, neighbors and neighborhood.