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A.J. Elserougi

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Project Manager




Other leadership positions and community involvement:

  • Recently served on the City of Westminster Election Commission where I helped plan and organize the city's 2013 mayoral election process.
  • I currently serve on the City of Westminster Environmental Advisory Board where we focus on community and curbside recycling initiatives.
  • I currently serve on the Adams County Board of Adjustment where we hear and rule on land-use issues brought forth to the county by concerned citizens.

1) Why are you the most qualified person for this office?

As a longtime resident of Westminster with intentions of staying here, I am devoted to continuously improving the city. My experience working with the city for the past two years on various boards and commissions gives me exposure to city practices and operations. I am committed to remaining involved; I am ready and eager to contribute to Westminster at a higher capacity.

2) What is the most important issue facing Westminster and how will you address it?

Economic development and transit oriented development (TOD) is the most important issue facing Westminster. I will address this issue by first clarifying and then achieving short- and long-term goals. The short-term goal is to complete a successful TOD in South Westminster by 2016 by including ample parking garages and retail shops for rail commuters and residents. The long-term goal is to completely develop Westminster Center by ensuring completion of a second commuter rail station at 88th and Harlan.

3) What do you think the city does well and where do you see room for improvement?

The city does well obtaining and designating open space and trails for its residents; contributing to their quality of life. The city can improve by doing more to ensure economic sustainability by marketing its rich history. Geographically defining and physically labeling Historic Westminster coupled with the completion of a successful TOD just a block south will attract rail commuters from Westminster Station and residents alike to celebrate Westminster history, art and culture in an ideal location to eat, live, work and play.

4) What is your favorite thing about living in Westminster?

My favorite thing about living in Westminster is its prime location. I enjoy the convenience of living between Denver and Boulder!