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City Government


Forms, Applications and Checklists

Annexation Checklist
Annexation Petition
Affidavit of Circulator
Legal Description
Fire District Withdrawal

Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Development Application

Rezoning Application
Development Application

Development Application
PDP Concept ChecklistPDP Concept Template
PDP Technical Checklist - PDP Technical Template
ODP Concept Checklist - ODP Concept Template
ODP Technical Checklist ODP Technical Template
Minor ODP Amendment (Prior to using this form, check with the Planning Division, 303-658-2101 or 303-658-2097, to determine if it is appropriate for your application.)
Specific Plan District ODP Checklist
ODP Waiver

Conditional/Special Use
Development Application
Conditional Use Application 
Special Use Application

Development Application
Variance Application

On Private Property (also requires ODP or ODP Amendment forms)
Development Application
Telecom Checklist
Certifications - Applicant & Owner
ODP Concept Checklist
ODP Technical Checklist

On Public (City-Owned) Property
Process Overview
Stage 1 Request
Stage 2 Application
Plan Set Template
ODP Concept Checklist
ODP Technical Checklist

Example of Neighborhood Notice
Certification of Mailing

Other Checklists
(Required for all PDP and ODP submittals)
Formal Submittal Checklist
Planning and Engineering Fee Schedule

Miscellaneous Forms
Sign Permit Application
Special Event - Temporary Use - Private Property
Address Map Criteria
Project Information Form

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