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Westminster Comprehensive Plan Update

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About the Project

The city plans to commence an update to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) with the expectation of preparing a draft plan by late summer 2013. The planning effort will be focused on creating an integrated planning document - a Comprehensive Plan - that will incorporate all aspects of physical planning in the city.

The Comprehensive Plan will maintain its existing role as the city's primary regulatory document for land use, while also providing broad policy direction for parks and open space, community design, economic development, infrastructure and resource management.

Building on the Westminster Vision 2025, the updated Comprehensive Plan will provide a cohesive road map for how the city will grow and evolve over the next 20 years.

Purpose of the Comprehensive Plan Update

The city adopted its first CLUP in the mid 1960s, with the last update completed in 2004. The role of the Comprehensive Plan as a policy document for the city has meant that as the community evolved over time, its objectives and policies would be revised and updated to meet demographic, economic or physical changes to the city. The 2004 update to the CLUP focused on land use designations for the remaining vacant land in the city and identification of focus areas for development - the city’s district centers.

Since the completion of the 2004 update, several issues have risen to the forefront:

  • The city is nearing its physical build-out and little vacant land for development remains. As a result, the majority of new growth in the city will likely be accommodated in redevelopment and infill areas.
  • Much of the future development in the city will rely on existing infrastructure and resources, planning for which will need to be closely tied to land uses and development intensity in order to provide adequate services and maintain the city's high quality of life.
  • Many of the city’s district centers would benefit from more detailed direction for land use and development intensity to ensure that new development occurs in desired areas and in concert with the city’s vision, growth management efforts and infrastructure capacity.
  • New or revised land use classifications are needed to address development trends for vertical mixed-use projects, such as buildings with ground floor retail with office or residential uses above. Likewise, a refined palette of commercial, office and industrial land use classifications will allow the city to better articulate and implement its vision for new development.

These factors require analysis and alignment of all physical planning efforts in the city in order to ensure a high quality of life, as well as fiscal and economic sustainability for the city. 

Planning Process

The planning process is expected to occur over approximately 12 months, into late summer 2013.

There are three major phases in the process. These include analysis of existing conditions, and identification of issues and implications to be addressed by the plan; development and evaluation of a preferred plan; and refinement and completion of the Comprehensive Plan.

Each phase and major milestone of the project includes community outreach and check-ins with the City Council and Planning Commission.

The most intense community involvement is expected during the development of a preferred plan for the city - an interactive open house and online survey are planned.

All documents produced during the planning process, as well as materials presented at various decision-maker and community meetings, will be catalogued on the Documents and Presentations page.


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