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Westminster Station/TOD

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Westminster Station

Where will the rail station be located? 
The Westminster Station will be located at approximately 71st Avenue and Irving Street in South Westminster.

When is the rail station at Westminster Station due to open?
RTD projects that the station will be open and operational by mid-2016. The station will be an end-of-the-line station until additional funding for future phases of the FasTracks Northwest Rail to Boulder and Longmont is identified. Learn more about FasTracks Northwest Rail.

What type of rail vehicle will be used on this line?
The Northwest Rail is planned to accommodate an electric, heavy rail vehicle with a passenger capacity of 232, with 90 seated passengers. Trains are expected to comprise two cars, although additional capacity could be added for special events.

How long will it take to travel between Westminster Station and Denver Union Station?
The travel time between Westminster Station and Denver Union Station is expected to be approximately 12 minutes, nonstop.

How often will trains run from Westminster Station?
Train service will run from approximately 5 a.m. to midnight. During peak hours (6 to 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.), train frequency to Denver Union Station will be every 30 minutes. During off-peak hours, train frequency will be every 60 minutes.

Westminster Station Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Where will the Westminster Station TOD area be located? The area around the future Westminster Station consists of 135-acres bound by Federal Boulevard and Lowell Boulevard, 72nd Avenue and approximately 68th Avenue.

What is the vision for the TOD area? A vibrant, mixed-use district, which includes a 40-acre community park with ample recreation and open space amenities.

When will construction start in the TOD area? Construction for preliminary utility and site work for the station plaza is projected to begin mid-2013. Improvements to the Little Dry Creek drainage area to the south of the tracks is projected to begin in mid-2013. The transit plaza, new streets, sidewalks and parking structure associated with the station will likely begin construction in 2014.

How will infrastructure improvements and new streets be phased into the TOD area? New street connections will be phased in as needed to provide circulation to the train station and public parking garage or in concert with development as it proceeds. As parcels and blocks are redeveloped, new street connections and improvements will be completed. Where possible, infrastructure improvements, such as water, sewer, gas or electric lines, will be timed to occur concurrent with the construction of new streets to minimize disruption to existing uses. Construction will be phased and coordinated to allow clear, continued access to existing businesses and uses.

Will there be a park?
Yes, a new 40-acre park and open space area, Little Dry Creek Park, will be built within the Little Dry Creek valley, south of the railroad tracks between Federal Boulevard and Lowell Boulevard. Phase I of the project will be completed in 2015 and include a massive earth-moving effort to sculpt the area into a natural looking and attractive environment while eliminating flooding of nearby homes. The creek will be completely rebuilt and relocated into the center of the park as a boulder lined, interactive water feature. A new, wider Little Dry Creek Trail will meander next to the creek. A three-acre lake near Federal Boulevard will be a focal point of the park and provide wildlife habitat and fishing opportunities. Phase I primarily addresses the drainage issues in the area and returning the area to its natural open space state. Development of the park features will occur in future phases, which is currently unfunded.

The station platform will be located on the south side of the tracks within Little Dry Creek Park. A dramatic, arched shade structure will provide a one-of-a-kind iconic feature for the station. A viewing platform will project out into the park, overlooking the creek and lake. A bridge will span Little Dry Creek and lead from the station platform and railroad underpass to a nearby parking lot, also serving the park.

In the future phases, more park-like features will be added to Little Dry Creek Park, including an adventure playground near Lowell Boulevard, picnic areas, turf areas, and a Xeriscape garden featuring low-water-usage plants. This will be the largest park in Westminster located south of 88th Avenue!

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