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Standards and Specifications for Public Improvements

Standards and Specifications for the Design and Construction of Public Improvements Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Authority and Purpose chap1.exe 106kb        
Chapter 2 Earthwork, Erosion Control, and Seeding chap2.exe 94kb acad2.exe 5.5mb pdf2.exe 5.3mb
Chapter 3 Water System chap3.exe 179kb acad3.exe 5.1mb pdf3.exe 2.9mb
Chapter 4 Sanitary Sewer System chap4.exe 112kb acad4.exe 1.08mb jpg4.exe 1.76mb
Chapter 5 Storm Sewer System chap5.exe 90kb acad5.exe 11mb pdf5.exe 7mb
Chapter 6 Roadway chap6.exe 761mb acad6.exe 1.18mb jpg6.exe 2.48kb
Chapter 7 Concrete chap7.exe 98kb        
Chapter 8 Traffic Control chap8.exe 146kb acad8.exe 1.99mb jpg8.exe 1.9mb
Chapter 9 Trenching, Backfilling, and Compaction chap9.exe 97kb acad9.exe 188kb jpg9.exe 563kb
Chapter 10 Acceptance Requirements chap10.exe 91kb        
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