4800 West 92nd Avenue Westminster, CO 80031

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Engineering Division

4800 W. 92nd Ave.
City Engineer: Dave Loseman

The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for the design and construction of all of the city's capital improvement projects involving drainage and new street and bridge construction, as well as the review and inspection of new subdivision construction. In addition, the division provides technical expertise to various other city divisions and departments on civil engineering issues.

Technical Information/Checklists

Address Plat Requirements - Please submit draft Address Plat for review to Sandy Malesky, GIS Specialist, smalesky@cityofwestminster.us

Digital Submittal Standards

Encroachment/Vacation Application

Engineering Review Checklist

Final Plat Standards and Signature Blocks

Land Disturbance Permit Application

Standards and Specifications for Public Improvements

Street Lighting Design, Standards and Specifications

Street Lighting Details

Storm Drainage Design & Specifications

Survey Control Network - Please note that these survey control monuments use the 1988 North American Vertical datum. The elevation values will be from 2 to 4 feet different from the 1929 North American Vertical datum. Also note that the ground to Colorado State Plane North, NAD 83, feet conversion scale factor is included in this document.

Survey Monument Locations Map - This interactive map can be used to access PDF and TIF document files that contain information about surveyed monument points throughout Westminster. A search can be done for a monument number, or the map can be explored to find a point by its location. Monument points on the map can be clicked to expose a link to access the documents.

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