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Plan Reviews


Commercial Plan Review

    Commercial Plan Submittal Guidelines 

    Commercial Expedited Plan Review Guidelines 

    Design Criteria for Structures

    Grease Interceptors 

Residential Plan Review

    Residential Plan Submittal Information/Requirements  new! updated 5/27/2013

    Fire Sprinkler Submittal Requirements   new! updated 5/27/2013
    Residential Energy Code Submittal Requirements  new! updated 9/12/2013

    Design Criteria for Structures

    Walk-Through Plan Check and Permit Processing over the counter plan review for residential projects

Lot Grade Survey Program for Residential New Construction

   Foundation Form check request form

   Individual lot Survey Certification Form

   Individual Lot Survey Review Procedure

   Residential Lot Survey Checklist

Applicable Design Codes

    Applicable Design Codes

Please be aware that payment of tap fees is required at the time the Building Permit is issued.  As already required, if the building use changes in the future, tap fees will be recalculated and additional tap fees may be due.  Be sure to install and activate water meters as soon as possible to lock in the tap fee.