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Bicycle Master Plan

Over the years, inquiries have been made by bicycling enthusiasts about the possibility of creating a more bicycle-friendly environment within the city.

In response to these requests, city staff pursued and was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Department of Energy for the preparation of a Bicycle Master Plan for Westminster.

A consulting firm, The Street Plans Collaborative, was hired in April 2010 to prepare the plan.

Over the past 12 months, the consultant has interviewed multiple stakeholders, toured the entire network of existing trails and major thoroughfares throughout the city, held public meetings, evaluated potential connections to neighboring jurisdictions and completed the preparation of the proposed Bicycle Master Plan.

Read the executive summary

View the proposed bikeway network

Read the complete master plan document (14 MB - large file)

The proposed Bicycle Master Plan document addresses the following objectives:

  • provides an executive summary;
  • summarizes the public involvement process;
  • analyzes the existing bikeway network;
  • provides a 2030 bikeway network plan that includes short-term, medium-term and long-term priorities;
  • provides a bicycle parking plan;
  • provides a way-finding plan; and
  • provides an education, encouragement and enforcement plan.

Salient, proposed features of the Bicycle Master Plan include the following:

  • 132 miles of bikeway network;
  • bike facilities on 28 percent of the city’s existing streets;
  • 122 connection points to the existing off-street trail system;
  • 5 miles of shared use path (U.S. 36 bike trail) - (4 percent of network total);
  • 46 miles of bicycle lanes – (35 percent of network total);
  • 27 miles of side paths (arterial street sidewalks) – (20 percent of network total);
  • 14 miles of signed bicycle routes – (11 percent of network total); and
  • 40 miles of signed bicycle routes with shared lane use markings – (30 percent of network total).

The initial draft of the Bicycle Master Plan that was distributed to Westminster City Council and city staff in September 2010 was an aggressive plan. Staff has re-evaluated the plan and revised it to reflect a more economical approach to the actual implementation and maintenance of various elements of the plan.

For example, the draft plan recommended bicycle lanes on several local residential streets. The bike lane designations have been converted to bike routes that still achieve the overall goal but are less costly to install and maintain.

Another part of the plan that was substantially revised was the education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation component. The initial draft contained 48 action items under these categories. The final plan contains less than half of the actions previously identified but still provides the basics for advancing education, encouragement, and enforcement and evaluation efforts. In addition, these basic efforts can be provided with existing staffing levels.

Funding for the implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan will be evaluated in future budget processes to determine how bicycle facilities rank with other needs in the city. City staff will also evaluate and make recommendations to council on any potential external funding opportunities that may arise.


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