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Performance Measures

The City of Westminster continues to utilize performance measurement as part of its commitment to accountability, open communication, continuous improvement and SPIRIT (Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork). Performance measurement allows the city to continuously evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations. Information gathered through performance measurement helps the city improve the delivery of services, the management of resources and the quality of policy recommendations. Performance measurement is a management tool utilized to help “keep the finger on the pulse” of critical city services and activities.

Most importantly, the city’s performance measures help evaluate progress made toward achieving the city’s Strategic Plan goals. Several objectives and specific actions are linked to each goal. Performance measures help gage the success of these actions in effectively fulfilling the objectives and goals.

The City of Westminster’s performance measures are derived through a variety of sources. City employees in all departments have created meaningful internal operational performance measures and performance targets. In addition, the city conducts a biennial Citizen Survey to gather citizens’ views of the quality of life and city services in Westminster.

To gather relevant and accurate comparative performance measurement data, the City of Westminster participates in the 10-member Colorado Performance Measurement Consortium through a partnership with the International City/County Management Association’s Center for Performance Measurement and the Colorado Municipal League. The city also utilizes several professional associations to gather relevant benchmarking data.

Take a Closer Look, the City of Westminster’s annual performance measurement report, is produced and distributed to City Council and citizens each April. We invite you to Take a Closer Look at the city’s performance.

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