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Strategic Plan

Westminster City Council uses a strategic planning process to help achieve its long-range vision of a city that is rich in complexity, a community that is desirable as a place of residence or business.

Each year City Council reviews its vision for the future and recommits to a five-year Strategic Plan to achieve that vision. The plan identifies the city's underlying principles on which decisions should be based and includes specific goals to be achieved. Each goal is further defined by a set of objectives and short-term actions to be taken to achieve the associated goal.

The Strategic Plan was developed to reinforce long-term planning for both operating (day-to-day operations and services) and capital (long-term investment projects such as road construction, water distribution and sewer maintenance) programs. City Council enlists staff's assistance, via the city department heads, in developing the Strategic Plan. This team approach is critical to success, as it allows staff to better understand City Council's goals and vision for the city. In turn, staff can more successfully plan city projects and budgets to achieve the shared vision.

For more information on the Strategic Plan, contact the Westminster City Manager's Office, 303-658-2009.

Strategic Plan

2013-2018 Goals and Objectives

Strong, Balanced Local Economy

  • Maintain/expand healthy retail base, increasing sales tax receipts
  • Attract new targeted businesses, focusing on primary employers and higher paying jobs
  • Develop business-oriented mixed-use development in accordance with Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Retain and expand current businesses
  • Develop multi-modal transportation system that provides access to shopping and employment centers
  • Develop a reputation as a great place for small and/or local businesses
  • Revitalize Westminster Center Urban Reinvestment Area

Safe and Healthy Community

  • Maintain citizens feeling safe anywhere in the city
  • Public safety departments: well equipped and authorized staffing levels staffed with quality personnel
  • Timely response to emergency calls
  • Citizens taking responsibility for their own safety and well being
  • Manage disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Maintain safe buildings and homes
  • Protect residents, homes and buildings from flooding through an effective stormwater management program

Financially Sustainable City Government Providing Exceptional Services

  • Invest in well-maintained and sustainable city infrastructure and facilities
  • Secure and develop long-term water supply
  • Focus on core city services and service levels as a mature city with adequate resources
  • Maintain sufficient reserves: general fund, utilities funds and self insurance
  • Maintain a value-driven organization through talent acquisition, retention, development and management
  • Prepare for next generation of leaders, managers and employees
  • Maintain and enhance employee morale and confidence in City Council and management
  • Invest in tools, training and technology to increase organization productivity and efficiency 

Vibrant Neighborhoods in One Livable Community

  • Develop transit-oriented development around commuter rail stations
  • Maintain and improve neighborhood infrastructure and housing
  • Preserve and restore historic assets
  • Have homeowners associations and residents taking responsibility for neighborhood private infrastructure
  • Develop Westminster as a cultural arts community
  • Have a range of quality homes for all stages of life (type, price) throughout the city
  • Have strong community events and active civic engagement

Beautiful and Environmentally Sensitive City

  • Have energy-efficient, environmentally sensitive city operations
  • Reduce energy consumption citywide
  • Increase and maintain green space (parks, open space, etc.) consistent with defined goals
  • Preserve vistas and view corridors
  • A convenient recycling program for residents and businesses with a high level of participation

Updated 08/2013

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2013-2018 Strategic Plan and Action Agenda