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City of Westminster Legislative Program

The City of Westminster follows legislative activity in the Colorado General Assembly very closely.

Prior to each legislative session, City Council adopts a Legislative Policy Statement (see below) that identifies general issues that significantly impact the City of Westminster, along with the city’s policy principles on these issues. The Legislative Policy Statement is consistent with City Council’s Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives. Using City Council's adopted Legislative Policy Statement as a guide, city staff will review and analyze bills introduced in the Colorado General Assembly that have a potential impact on the city's interests.

Official City Positions on 2014 State Legislative Session

(updated March 10, 2014)

In concert with the Legislative Policy Statement, City Council takes formal positions on pieces of legislation that directly impact the interests of residents and the home rule status of the City of Westminster. Positions are adopted on the legislation as dated on the position paper and are posted on the website as adopted.






HB 14-1164 Concerning Nonpartisan Elections Not Coordinated by a County Clerk and Recorder Hullinghorst   Support Active
SB 14-017

Concerning a Limitation On The Approval of Real Estate Developments That Use Water Rights Decreed For Agricultural Purposes To Irrigate Lawn Grass

Roberts and Hodge Oppose  Active
SB 14-029 Concerning the Establishment of a Paint Stewardship Program for the Environmentally Sound Disposal of Postconsumer Architectural Paint. Newell Support Active
SB 14-103 Concerning the Phase-Out of the Sale of Certain Low-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures. Guzman and Fischer Support Active

For more information on the City of Westminster's legislative program, contact the City Manager's Office at 303-658-2016.

2014 Legislative Policy Statement

2014 State Legislative Issues Guide

2014 Federal Legislative Issues Guide

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