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City of Westminster Legislative Program

The City of Westminster follows legislative activity in the Colorado General Assembly very closely.

Prior to each legislative session, City Council adopts a Legislative Policy Statement (see below) that identifies general issues that significantly impact the City of Westminster, along with the city’s policy principles on these issues. The Legislative Policy Statement is consistent with City Council’s Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives. Using City Council's adopted Legislative Policy Statement as a guide, city staff will review and analyze bills introduced in the Colorado General Assembly that have a potential impact on the city's interests.

For more information on the City of Westminster's legislative program, contact the City Manager's Office at 303-658-2016.

2016 Legislative Policy Statement

2016 State Legislative Issues Guide

Official City Positions


Initiative 117 - A citizen initiated state statute that would the allow the state to retain and spend state revenues that exceed the constitutional limitation on state fiscal year spending. Excess revenues would be spent on education, transportation, mental health services, and senior services.

Senate Bill 16-016 - Concerning the scientific and cultural facilities district, and, in connection therewith, amending the ballot question concerning the extension of the district to be submitted to the voters and modifying statutory provisions concerning the administration of the district.

Senate Bill 16-100 - Concerning requirements that a county must meet before reducing the mill levy for its road and bridge fund.

House Bill 16-1008 - Concerning authorization for the department of transportation to designate an area on a roadway not otherwise laned for traffic for use by commercial vehicles designed to transport sixteen passengers or more that are operated by a governmental entity or government-owned business that transports the general public or by a contractor on behalf of such an entity or government-owned business.

House Bill 16-1262 - Concerning measures to improve peace officer hiring by requiring employment waivers as part of the background check process.


Amendment 69 - A citizen initiated state constitutional amendment that would create a State Health Care System, establish a tax on employers and employees, and exempt the revenue from TABOR.

Senate Bill 16-011 - Concerning the repeal of statutory requirements that a portion of the revenue from specified motor vehicle related fees imposed under the "Funding Advancements For Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery Act of 2009" be used for transit-related projects.

House Bill 16-1078 - Concerning the establishment of whistleblower for public employees not employed by the state.

Senate Bill 16-123 - Concerning the use of transponders for high occupancy vehicles on state highways.

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