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2. Business Licenses

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5-2-4:  TRANSFER

5-2-1:  DEFINITIONS:  (1959 3563 3570)  The following words, terms, and phrases, when used in this Chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: 

“Business" shall mean any profit or not-for-profit trade, vocation, occupation, profession, enterprise, service, or commercial activity at a fixed physical premise in the City, except that the term “business” shall not include any hobby or leisure activity not engaged in for profit or any home occupation licensed as such pursuant to Chapter 3 of this Title. 

5-2-2:  LICENSE REQUIRED:  (1959 3563) 

(A)        It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct any business in the City without first obtaining a license pursuant to this Chapter.  A separate business license shall be required for each location of a business operating within the City limits.  A business shall obtain such additional licenses, including a sales tax license, as may be required by federal or state law or this Code and the failure to do so shall be considered a violation of this Chapter. 

(B)        In the event that any business is being conducted in an unincorporated area at the time of the annexation of such area to the City, the business must conform to all licensing requirements contained in this Chapter and all other applicable licensing requirements contained in this Code.  


(A)        An applicant for a business license shall submit an application to the City Clerk on forms provided by the City Clerk.  The application shall be investigated by the City Manager, in order to determine whether grounds exist for denial.  If approval of the application is recommended as a result of the investigation, the City Clerk shall issue the license for a period of one (1) year.  The City Manager may approve the application with conditions reasonably deemed by the City Manager as necessary to protect the public health, welfare and safety.   

(B)        An application for renewal of the business license shall be filed with the City Clerk.  The City Clerk, in his or her reasonable discretion, may request the City Manager to investigate the application, in order to determine whether grounds exist for denial.  In the event a cancellation, suspension, or revocation proceeding is pending when a license renewal is filed, the application for a license renewal shall not be acted upon until the suspension or revocation proceeding has been completed. 

(C)        All licenses shall specify the name of the licensee, the business address, the nature of the business, the term of the license, and the date upon which it expires.  Every license granted under the provisions of this Chapter shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the place of business for the full term of the license.  Licenses shall be removed upon expiration, cancellation, suspension, or revocation.  It shall be the duty of each licensee to show the license at any reasonable time when requested to do so by any City official.

5-2-4:  TRANSFER:  (1959)  Any transfer of a business to a new owner, whether by sale, gift or operation of law, shall cause a cancellation of the prior business license.  The new owner shall not conduct business until a new business license has been obtained pursuant to this Chapter. 

5-2-5:  LICENSE DENIAL, CANCELLATION, SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION:  (1959 2574 3563)  A business license may be denied, cancelled, suspended, or revoked for any violation of the provisions of this Chapter, or for any reason set forth in Chapter 1 of this Title.

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