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11. Mobile Home Parks

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5-11-2:   PERMITS
5-11-7:   WATER SUPPLY
5-11-11:  FUEL
5-11-14:  INSPECTION FEE (REP. BY  1160)
5-11-15:  MANAGEMENT
5-11-16:  GENERAL

5-11-1:  DEFINITIONS: (487) The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this Chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: 

"Access Road" shall mean that area privately owned and maintained and set aside within a mobile home park for an interior road system, providing principal means of ingress to individual mobile home spaces and egress to street.

"Independent Mobile Home" shall mean a mobile home that has a toilet and a bathtub or shower.

"Inspector" shall mean the Building Inspector of the City of Westminster or his authorized representative.

"Mobile Home" shall mean any vehicle used, or so constructed as to permit its being used, as a conveyance upon the public streets or highways and duly licensable as such and constructed in such a manner as will permit occupancy thereof as a dwelling or sleeping place for one (1) or more persons within the same family.

"Mobile Home Park" shall mean a parcel of land not less than fifteen (15) acres under single ownership that has been planned and approved for the placement of mobile homes, occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes, for transient and nontransient use, sometimes termed a trailer camp.

"Mobile Home Space" shall mean a plot of ground within a mobile home park designated for the accommodation of one (1) mobile home.

"Patio" shall mean a paved area adjacent to the mobile home parking space, and accessible from the main entrance to the parked mobile home.

"Permanent Addition" shall mean any structural extension from any portion of a mobile home, not including temporary canvas awning and skirting.

"Permit" shall mean a written permit issued by the City of Westminster Building Inspector to construct or alter the mobile home park under these rules and regulations.

"Street" or "Highway" shall mean a public thoroughfare that affords principal means of access to abutting property.

5-11-2:  PERMITS:  (487)  No person shall alter, install or remove any structural improvement in any mobile home park without first securing a building permit from the Inspector authorizing such alterations, installation or removal.

5-11-3:  APPLICATION:  (487) An application for a permit authorizing any structural alteration, installation or removal in a mobile home park shall set forth the following information, including a plat thereof.

(A) The location, area and dimensions of the tract of land to be occupied by the park.

(B) The number, location and size of all mobile home spaces.

(C) The location and width of roadways and walkways.

(D) The location of service buildings, recreation facilities and any other proposed structures.

(E) Topography of the proposed park at two foot (2') contour intervals.

(F) Fencing, landscaping and screen planting.

(G) Lighting of roadways, driveways and pedestrian walks.

(H) The location, size and type of water and sewer and gas lines; and traps, vents and risers for water and sewer and gas.

(I) The location, plans and specifications for any permanent structure to be used as an owner's or caretaker's residence.

(J) Plans and specifications of all buildings and other improvements constructed or to be constructed within the mobile home park.

5-11-4:  INSPECTION OF MOBILE PARKS:  (487) The Inspector shall make regular monthly inspections of all mobile home parks located within the City and shall enforce compliance with the provisions of this Chapter.

(A) AUTHORITY:  The Inspector shall have the authority to make inspections of mobile home parks at reasonable times for the purpose of determining whether this Chapter is being complied with and shall have authority to inspect the register of occupants required herein.

(B) ACCESS:  It shall be unlawful for any person to refuse access to a mobile home park to the Inspector for the purpose of inspection.

5-11-5:  LOCATION, SPACE AND GENERAL LAYOUT:  (487 3646)  The mobile home park shall be located on a well drained site and shall be so located that its drainage will not endanger any water supply.  All such mobile home parks shall be in areas free from swamps or other potential breeding places for insects or rodents.

(A) AREA:  The area of the mobile home park shall be at less than fifteen (15) acres and large enough to accommodate:

(1) The designated number of mobile home spaces;

(2) Necessary streets and roadways;

(3) Parking areas for motor vehicles; and

(4) Service areas.

(B) MOBILE HOME SPACE:  Each mobile home shall be at least thirty-five feet (35’) wide, and shall abut on a driveway or other clear area with unobstructed access to a public street.  Such spaces shall be clearly defined, and mobile homes shall be parked in such spaces so that no mobile home will be less than five feet (5') from the side and rear boundaries of the mobile home space, and no mobile home shall be less than ten feet (10') from the exterior boundary of the mobile home park.  No mobile home shall be parked less than twenty-five feet (25') from any front property line abutting a street or highway or walkway.  Areas between mobile home spaces and public right-of-way not used for roadway purposes shall be grassed and/or landscaped and kept free from weeds, rubbish or trash.  No mobile home shall be allowed to remain in a mobile home park except on a mobile home space.

(C) ACCESS ROADS:  Access roads must be graded for drainage, surfaced with concrete or asphaltic concrete, and maintained in good condition, free of weeds, dust, trash, debris and show, all to be done in accordance with City requirements.  Each access road shall be continuous and shall connect with other circulation roads.  Minimum width for access roads shall be thirty-six feet (36').  Curves on all access roads shall have a minimum inside radius of not less than twenty feet (20').  All such roads shall be kept clear of all obstructions to allow movement of vehicles at any time.

(D) OFF-STREET PARKING:  Areas not less than ten feet by twenty-five feet (10'x25') shall be provided for the parking of motor vehicles in addition to each required mobile home space to accommodate at least the number of vehicles equal to the number of mobile home spaces provided.  Such parking spaces may be located within the mobile home space to be served, but in no case shall be more than two hundred feet (200') from the mobile home space to be served.  Such parking areas shall be surfaced as required for access roads.

(E) SERVICE FACILITIES:  Every mobile home space shall be provided with a covered vault or building constructed according to City Building Code with a minimum of one hundred ninety-two (192) cubic feet of volume for the storage of personal belongings.  This requirement may be met by a building providing a like amount of space for each mobile home space.

(F) Not more than ten (10) mobile home spaces shall be provided for each gross acre within the mobile home park.

(G) RECREATION FACILITIES:  Space shall be provided for recreational facilities in an amount not less than seven hundred (700) square feet for each mobile home space.

5-11-6:  LOCATIONS AND CONSTRUCTION OF SERVICE BUILDINGS:  (487)  Service buildings shall:

(A) Be located fifteen feet (15') or more from any mobile home space.

(B) Be of fire resistant construction in conformity with all Codes and ordinances of the City of Westminster.

5-11-7: WATER SUPPLY:  (487)  The water supply for the mobile home park shall be a system that is owned and operated by a local government authority or a public utility company franchised in the City.  The water system shall be connected by pipes to all service buildings and all mobile home spaces.  Individual water service connections that are provided for direct use by mobile homes shall be so constructed that they will not be damaged by the parking of such mobile homes.  Such connections for mobile home spaces shall be provided with individual valves below frost depth, not less than eighteen inches (18") and with valve boxes to grade.

5-11-8:  SEWAGE DISPOSAL:  (487)

(A) All plumbing in the mobile home park shall comply with the plumbing laws and health regulations of the City of Westminster, of the Counties of Adams and Jefferson, and of the State of Colorado.  Sewage disposal shall be provided by a local government authority or a franchised public utility company.

(B) ALL FACILITIES CONNECTED:  A system for sanitary sewage shall be provided in all mobile home parks and all wastes and sewer lines discharging from buildings and mobile homes shall be connected thereto.

(C) CONNECTION:  Each mobile home space shall be provided with at least a three-inch (3") sewer connection, trapped below frost line, with the inlet of the line to be not less than one inch (1") above the surface of the ground.  The sewer connection shall be provided with suitable fittings so that a watertight connection and proper vent can be made between the mobile home drain and the sewer connection.  Such mobile home connections shall be so constructed that they can be closed airtight when not linked to a mobile home, and shall be trapped in such a manner as to maintain them in an odor-free condition.

5-11-9:  REFUSE DISPOSAL:  (487)

(A) SYSTEM REQUIRED:  The storage, collection and disposal of refuse in the park shall be so managed as to avoid health hazards, rodent harborage, insect breeding areas, accident hazards or air pollution.

(B) CONTAINERS:  Refuse shall be stored in fly-tight, rodent-proof containers, which shall be located within the mobile home park.  Such containers shall be provided in sufficient number and capacity to prevent any refuse from overflowing.   Garbage shall be deposited in separate watertight containers with tight fitting lids.  All receptacles shall be designated as to type of use.  Holders shall be provided for all refuse and garbage containers.  Such container holders shall be so designed as to prevent containers from being tipped, to minimize spillage and container deterioration, and to facilitate cleaning around them.  No dish or wastewater of any kind shall be thrown or discharged upon the ground of any mobile home park.

(C) INCINERATORS:  Incinerators for use by individual mobile homes and located on the individual mobile home sites are prohibited.  At least one (1) incinerator for the purpose of burning combustible trash shall be provided by the mobile home park operator, unless such refuse is collected regularly and no burning is allowed.  Such incinerators must be constructed of a size to provide a minimum of one half (1/2) cubic foot per mobile home up to and including ten (10) mobile homes and one (1) cubic foot per mobile home space in excess of ten (10) spaces.  The incinerators shall be constructed of a fire resistant material, grated not less than twelve inches (12") above the ground, provided with a clean-out space beneath  the grate, equipped with an access door and with a vent stack extending at least twelve feet (12') above the ground, capped with a spark arrester of three-fourths inch (3/4") mesh, or less.  Incinerators shall be fired only when attended by some person specifically authorized by the owner or operator of the mobile home park.

5-11-10:  ELECTRICITY:  (487)

(A) INSTALLATION TO EACH SPACE:  An electrical outlet supplying two hundred forty (240) volts one hundred (100) amperes of service shall be provided for each mobile home space.  The installation shall comply with all State and local electrical codes and ordinances.  Such electrical outlets shall be weatherproof.  No power line shall be permitted to lie on the ground or to be suspended less than eighteen feet (18') above the ground.

(B) AREA LIGHTS:  Street and yard lights shall be provided in such number and intensity as to insure safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians at night.  A light shall be located at each outside entrance of the service buildings, which shall be kept lighted during the hours of darkness.

5-11-11:  FUEL:  (487)  Natural gas or electricity shall be made available for cooking and heating purposes in all mobile homes within the court.  All gas and electrical installations shall be made in accordance with applicable City and State codes.

5-11-12:  FIRE PROTECTION:  (487)

(A) LITTERING PROHIBITED: Mobile home areas shall be kept free of litter, rubbish and other flammable materials.

(B) FIRE EXTINGUISHERS:  Hand fire extinguishers of a type approved by the Chief of the Westminster Fire Department shall be maintained in effective working order and located in convenient places in the ratio of one (1) to each eight (8) units or mobile home spaces.


(A) CONFORMITY:  No alterations or additions shall be made to or within any mobile home park unless in conformity to this Chapter.  No permanent additions of any kind, not including temporary canvas awning and skirting, shall be built onto, or become a part of, any mobile home.

(B) WHEELS NOT TO BE REMOVED:  The wheels of the mobile home shall not be removed, except temporarily when necessary for repairs.  Jacks or stabilizers may be placed under the frame of the mobile home to prevent movement on the springs while the mobile home is parked and occupied.

(C) OWNER TO CONTROL PETS:  No owner or person in charge of a dog, cat or other pet animal shall permit it to run at large, or to commit any nuisance within the limits of any mobile home park.

(D) SIGNS:  Each mobile home park shall provide a sign at each entrance thereto, to include the name of the park and the street address in letters of a minimum of six inches (6") in height.  Each mobile home space shall be numbered uniformly with reflectorized numbers of a minimum height of four inches (4"). 

5-11-14:  INSPECTION FEE:  Repealed by Ordinance 1160

5-11-15:  MANAGEMENT:  (487)

(A) The owner or operator of any mobile home park shall arrange for the management and supervision of such mobile home park so as to enforce or cause compliance with the provisions of these rules and regulations.

(B) The owner, operator, or attendant of every mobile home park shall assume full responsibility for maintaining in good repair and condition all facilities of the mobile home park as required herein.

(C) In every mobile home park there shall be a designated office building in which shall be located the office of the person in charge of said park.  A copy of all required City and State licenses and permits and of this Chapter shall be posted therein and the park register shall at all times be kept in said office.

(D) It shall be the duty of the attendant or person in charge, together with the owner or operator, to:

(1) Keep at all times a register of all Guests (which shall be open at all times to inspection by State, county and federal officers and officers of the City of Westminster), showing for all tenants:

(a) Dates of entrance and departure.
(b) License numbers of all mobile homes and towing vehicles or automobiles.
(c) States issuing such licenses.

(2) Maintain the park in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition at all times.

(3) See that the provisions of this Chapter are complied with and enforced and report promptly to the proper authorities any violations of law that may come to his attention.

(4) Report to local health authorities all cases known to the owner to be infected with any communicable disease.

(5) Pay promptly to the City of Westminster the inspection fee as specified in Section 5-11-4, W.M.C., and all license fees required by the City ordinances or any other laws.

(6) Prohibit the use of any mobile home by a greater number of occupants than that which it is designed to accommodate.

5-11-16:  GENERAL:  (487)

(A) No mobile home shall be parked or permitted to stand upon any public street or alley in the City of Westminster for longer than a twenty-four- (24) hour period.  If so parked, it shall be parallel with the curb and shall not extend outward into the street a distance in excess of ten feet, six inches (10'6") measured at right angles with the curb.

(B) No mobile home shall be maintained upon any private or public property in the City of Westminster when the same is used for living purposes, unless the property is registered as a mobile home park and is located within an eligible zoning district, nor shall any mobile home be stored in any required front or side yard as defined by the zoning ordinance of the City of Westminster.

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