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6. Disposal Of Inflammables

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9-6-1:  TRASH
9-6-2:  ASHES

9-6-1:  TRASH: (3688)  No person or persons shall allow to remain longer than thirty six (36) hours, or overnight, in any alley, or in any sidewalk or premises, within thirty feet (30') of any building, empty boxes, barrels, rubbish, trash, waste paper, excelsior or other like combustible materials.

It shall be unlawful for any person to burn trash, waste paper, rubbish or other like combustible material without permission from the Fire Department.

No person shall have any bon fires or open burning, except by permission from the Fire Department.

9-6-2:  ASHES:  (3688)  No person or persons shall be allowed to place ashes within any building in any box, barrel or other wooden vessel or upon any wooden vessel or floor.

No ashes shall be kept or deposited in any part of the town unless the same shall be kept in a secure incombustible container and every owner of property where ashes are kept or deposited shall keep a noncombustible receptacle or ash can for that purpose, so located as not to endanger walls, fences and other combustible material.

9-6-3:  OILY WASTE OR RAGS:  (3688) no person shall keep or permit to be kept on the premises any oily waste or oily rags, unless at all times when not actually in use such oily waste and oily rags be kept in a noncombustible metal can with a cover.

9-6-4:  VIOLATIONS: (3646)  A violation of this Chapter is a criminal offense, punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both, as provided in Section 1-8-1, W.M.C.


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