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5. Bus Passenger Shelters

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4/01  9-5-1                                                                       9-5-5


9-5-5:  PERMITS

9-5-1:  AWARD OF EXCLUSIVE RIGHT:  (2858)  From time to time, the City may solicit proposals from vendors for the erection and maintenance of bus passenger shelters within the City limits for the benefit of transit patrons.  In order to defray the costs of shelters, the City may allow advertising signage to be incorporated into the design of the structures as specified within this code.  Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria set forth within the City’s request for proposals, and the City Council shall have the sole authority to determine if a contract should be awarded.  If the City Council elects to award such a contract, the selected vendor shall have the exclusive right to place shelters within the City limits for the duration of the term designated within the executed contract.

9-5-2:  SHELTER DESIGN:  (2858)  Shelters must be constructed of substantial material in accordance with the approved design that is referenced in the executed contract between the City and the bus passenger shelter vendor.  Each shelter shall be located on top of a concrete pad which serves as a means of preventing mud and weeds from accumulating near the shelter.  Shelters shall not be constructed or maintained in a manner which will constitute a violation of any section of the municipal code of the city.

9-5-3:  PLACEMENT OF SHELTERS:  (2858)  Shelters may be located only at officially designated Regional Transportation District (RTD) bus stops and must be no closer than three feet (3’) to the roadway edge.  Shelters may be located only at those locations specified within the executed contract between the City and the bus passenger shelter vendor.  Shelters must not obstruct public walkways, sidewalks, sight distance triangles or pedestrian access to traffic control devices.

9-5-4:  ADVERTISING SIGNAGE ON SHELTERS:  (2858)  Advertising signage on a shelter shall be limited to no more than two (2) panels.  Each panel shall be no greater than twenty four (24) square feet in size.  No fluorescent, day-glo or other reflective or brilliant colors are permitted anywhere on the sign.

9-5-5:  PERMITS:  (2858)  A building permit is required to be issued prior to the placement of a bus passenger shelter.

(A)              One permit will be issued for each shelter, provided the shelter complies with the commitment in the contract and with this section.  The vendor shall be required to have applicable City licenses.  If a shelter is not installed within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date the permit is issued, the permit will become null and void.

(B)              Bond required:  before any license, as provided in this section, will be issued to a vendor, such vendor shall file with the City a bond running to the City in the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) executed by the vendor as principal and at least one surety upon which service of process may be made in the State of Colorado.  Such bond shall be conditioned that said vendor shall comply fully with all provisions of the laws of the City and statutes of the State of Colorado regulating and concerning the vendor’s business and will pay all judgments rendered for violations of ordinances or statutes.  Such bond must be approved by the City, both as to form and as to the responsibility of the surety thereon.

04/01  9-5-6                                          9-5-9

9-5-6:  INSURANCE:  (2858)  Before any permit, as provided in this section, will be issued to a vendor, such vendor shall furnish a certificate of insurance with limits of not less than three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) combined single limit bodily injury and property damage, with a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation, to be maintained during the life of the permit.  The policy shall name the City as an additional insured.  Should the vendor cause the policy to lapse, be canceled, be withdrawn or be subject to a reduction in the required amount of insurance, the City will cause the operations permitted under this section to cease.

9-5-7:  MOVING OF SHELTERS:  (2858)  A shelter shall be permitted for one location only.  Shelters may not be moved from stop to stop without permits.  Relocation or cancellation of an official bus stop by RTD will require that the vendor move or remove the shelter and pad within thirty (30) days.

9-5-8:  MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF SHELTERS:  (2858)  The vendor shall maintain all shelters in a safe and clean condition at all times.

9-5-9:  VIOLATIONS:  (2858)  If provisions of this ordinance are violated, the City may serve, either personally or by mail, written notice upon the vendor to correct the violations.  If the vendor fails, neglects or refuses to correct the violation within ten (10) days of mailing or service of said notice, the City may have the shelter removed, and the cost of such work plus fifteen percent (15%) for inspection shall be assessed against the vendor.


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