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2. Fire Department

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3-2-1:   CREATED
3-2-5:   AUTHORITY

3-2-1:  CREATED:  (896 1696) There is hereby created a Fire Department that shall consist of the Fire Chief and other sworn and civilian personnel as may be provided by the City Council. 

3-2-2:  APPOINTMENT OF FIRE CHIEF:  (839 1696) The Fire Chief shall be appointed by and be responsible to the City Manager. Such appointment shall be for an indefinite period pursuant to Section 1-13-3, W.M.C.  The Fire Chief shall be the head of the Fire Department and shall have supervision over all personnel assigned to the Department.

3-2-3:  DUTIES OF FIRE CHIEF:  (839 1696 1699 2640)

(A)  The Fire Chief is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the Fire Department, as well as performing those duties prescribed by the City Manager. 

(B)  The Fire Chief shall have the following additional duties and responsibilities: 

(1) The Fire Chief shall be responsible for the discipline, good order and proper conduct of all of the paid and volunteer personnel of the Fire Department. 

(2) The Fire Chief shall have command and control of all officers and members of the Department, paid or volunteer, and of all persons and equipment present at fires.

(3) It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to enforce all ordinances of the City that relate to fire protection or prevention.

(C)  The Fire Chief may make or prescribe such Fire Department policies, procedures and rules as he shall deem advisable consistent with the City's Personnel Policies and Rules and approved by the City Manager.  Such policies, procedures and rules shall be binding on all Fire Department personnel.  Such policies, procedures and rules may include, but shall not be limited to, the conduct of Fire Department personnel, uniforms and equipment to be worn or carried, hours and types of service delivery, deployment schedules, the investigation of citizen complaints, and all other similar matters necessary or desirable for the efficiency and effectiveness of Fire operations.

(D)  The Fire Chief shall establish appropriate fees for the use of the Fire Department Training Tower Facility by other fire departments, fire districts or other organizations for training purposes.  Such fees shall take into consideration comparable fees established by other jurisdictions for similar facilities, if any.  Fees may be set at a rate for each day of use, and may include a flat fee for a use involving more than one (1) day.  Fees shall be listed in a written schedule.  Such fees may be changed from time to time by the Fire Chief.

3-2-4: DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND MEMBERS:  (1563 1696) In the performance of their duties, all officers and members of the Fire Department shall obey the orders of their superior officers.  At the scene of any fire or any other incident to which the Fire Department responds, in the absence of the Fire Chief, the highest ranking and most senior officer or member present shall assume the duties and full authority of the Chief until relieved of such duties by the Fire Chief or a superior officer.

3-2-5:  AUTHORITY:  (896 1696) The Fire Chief and all members of the Fire Department shall have the power and authority granted to them by the Colorado Revised Statutes, the City Charter and this Code. 

3-2-6:  ASSISTANCE OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS:  (896) The Fire Department shall not respond to alarms outside the corporate limits, leaving the City unprotected, except that when assistance is requested by a fire department chief, or when contractual mutual assistance arrangements with neighboring fire departments have been made, or when specific standby arrangements have been made with a neighboring department at the time of the outside alarm, then the fire equipment may leave the corporate limits, provided such departure is approved by the Chief or, in the absence of the Chief, a duly authorized chief officer. 

3-2-7:  PROHIBITED ACTS; PENALTIES: (896 1696) 

(A)  It shall be unlawful to knowingly cause a false alarm of fire or other emergency to be transmitted to or within the Fire Department or any other City agency that deals with emergencies involving danger to life or property.   

(B)  It shall be unlawful for any able-bodied person to refuse to obey a summons to aid in extinguishing any fire or to disobey any other order of a member or officer of the Fire Department duly issued in connection with and in furtherance of the performance of that member's or officer's official duties.  

(C) Any person found guilty of a violation of the provisions of this Section shall be punished by a fine or a jail sentence or by both fine and jail sentence pursuant to the limits specified in Section 1-8-1, W.M.C. 

3-2-8:  RIGHT OF ENTRY:  (896 1696) During a fire or other emergency, the Chief of the Fire Department and members acting under his orders shall have authority to enter any building in the proper performance of their duties.  

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