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5. Special Permit And License Board

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2-5-3: BYLAWS

2-5-1:  CREATION:  (908 1741 2068)  There is hereby created a Special Permit and License Board, hereinafter referred to as "the Board," consisting of seven (7) regular members and one (1) alternate member.

2-5-2:  POWERS AND DUTIES:  (1741 2037 2068 2229 2251 2769 2984 3398 3497, 3578) The Special Permit and License Board, acting as the local licensing authority pursuant to Title V of this code, shall conduct public hearings, approve or deny applications for licenses, renew or deny renewal of licenses, suspend or revoke licenses, hear appeals of adverse actions taken against City-issued licenses, and carry out all other functions authorized by Title V of this Code and Colorado beer, liquor and special event codes. All decisions of the Board on these licenses are final, subject only to appeal to a court of competent jurisdiction.

2-5-3:  BYLAWS:  (908 2068 2229 2769)  The Board shall make and adopt by resolution its own bylaws, in conformity with applicable statutes and ordinances.  Bylaws shall be reviewed annually for necessary updating.

2-5-4:  ACTING CHAIRPERSON; QUORUM; PROCEDURE:  (908 1741 2068 2229 2769)  In the absence of the elected Chairperson the Vice-Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson for that respective meeting.  A quorum shall consist of four (4) members, and a decision of a majority of the members present shall control.  Any absent member may join in a pending decision of the Board subject to Section 2-1-3, W.M.C.  All public hearings shall, at a minimum, be recorded electronically, or, as deemed necessary by the Chairperson, may be stenographically recorded by a court reporter engaged by the City and paid out of fees paid by the applicant.  
2-5-5:  MEETINGS:  (908 2068 2769)  The Board shall meet at least twice a month, unless there is no business to conduct.  Each member of the Board shall be required to vote on each item before the Board, unless a conflict of interest has been determined to exist.  A member of the Board may vote on items where they were absent if the hearing is continued, provided they have reviewed the electronic recording of the previous testimony prior to the continuation of the hearing.  If the recording is not reviewed, then this affected member is to be excused from voting on the matter, due to having not heard the entire testimony presentation.

Members may be excused from voting on previous meetings' minutes if they were absent from that respective meeting.  Being excused from voting must be recognized by the Chairperson and duly noted in the minutes of the present meeting.

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