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4. Parks, Recreation and Libraries Advisory Board

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2-4-1:  CREATION
2-4-4:  MEETINGS
2-4-5:  BYLAWS

2-4-1:  CREATION:  (3272 3729) There is hereby created a Parks, Recreation, Libraries and Open Space Advisory Board, hereinafter referred to as "the Board," comprised of the seven (7) regular members of the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Board, the six (6) current regular members of the Open Space Advisory Board seated at the time of creation of this Board.  At the time of creation, in order to comply with Section 2-1-1, W.M.C., all members shall start new terms.  However, based on length of service, four (4) of the seven (7) members coming from the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Board and three (3) of the six (6) members coming from the Open Space Advisory Board shall serve terms that expire on even-numbered years.  The other member's terms shall expire on odd-numbered years.

2-4-2:  ADVISORY MEMBERS:  (3272 3729) An employee appointed by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Libraries; an employee appointed by the Director of Community Development, and one (1) member of the City Council, to be appointed by the Mayor, shall be advisory members of the Parks, Recreation, Libraries and Open Space Advisory Board, and shall have the right to participate in all meetings of the Board; except that they shall not have the right to vote.

2-4-3:  POWERS AND DUTIES: (3272 3729) The powers of the Parks, Recreation, Libraries and Open Space Advisory Board shall be advisory only, and the Board shall have the following duties: 

(A)  To assist staff and Council in the promotion of parks, recreation, libraries and open space and their services to the community, as well as to assist in the evaluation of the related missions, roles and services in response to community needs; 

(B) To obtain feedback from the community and make recommendations to the Director of Parks, Recreation and Libraries regarding the City's long-range plan for the development, maintenance and improvements of Parks, Recreation and Libraries' facilities, programs and services;
(C) To obtain feedback from the community and make recommendations based on such input to City Council regarding management of open space and prospective open space acquisitions;

(D) In consultation with appropriate City staff, to identify and prioritize potential open space acquisitions by the City and to submit the Board's recommendations about such acquisitions to City Council;

(E) To advise staff, with Council's approval, on the administration of such gifts of money, property, or endowments as may be granted to and accepted by the Council for parks, recreation, library or open space purposes, and to take such steps as the Board may deem feasible to encourage gifts in support of the City's parks, recreation, library and open space programs, and to administer a grant-in-aid program directed at individuals who would be unable, due to financial considerations, to participate in parks, recreation, libraries and open space programs;

(F) When asked by the Director, to evaluate applications for special need passes to City recreation facilities by the public and to recommend approval or denial; 

(G) To review requests by the public for the removal of library materials; materials will be removed from the Library's collections upon unanimous approval of the Board;
(H) To recommend for City Council adoption a schedule of fines and penalties to be imposed for the failure of any person to return materials in a period prescribed by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Libraries or damaging any books, periodicals, other materials or Library facilities; 

(I) Upon request by the Director, to review and make recommendations on any Parks, Recreation and Libraries' fee or charge in an amount that exceeds the approval authority of the City Manager;

(J) To administer the City's Neighborhood Enhancement Program in any and all aspects as may be necessary to meet the goals and objectives of the Program;

(K) When asked by the Director, to review complaints, suggestions and other communications by the public regarding parks, recreation, libraries'  or open space programs and facilities, and to make recommendations to the Director regarding said communications; 

(L) To conduct a Secret Shopper Program to visit all City parks, recreation, libraries' and open space facilities for feedback to the Director on customer service issues;
(M)   To advise the Director on such policies, rules and regulations and other matters as the Board believes necessary and proper for the management and development of the parks, recreation, libraries' and open space programs and facilities; and

(N) To perform any other related duties as assigned by Council.

2-4-4:  MEETINGS:  (3272 3729) The Board shall decide on a meeting day and time.  The Board shall meet at least six (6) times per year, as the Chairperson of the Board requests.  A record of the minutes of each meeting shall be kept and placed in the office of the City Clerk for public inspection.  Except as provided by subsection 2-1-6(A), W.M.C., all meetings of the Board shall be open to the public.

2-4-5:  BYLAWS:  (3272) The Board shall make and adopt its own bylaws, subject to approval by the City Council, in conformity with applicable statutes and ordinances.

2-4-6:  ACTING CHAIRPERSON; QUORUM: (3272) The Vice-Chairperson of the Board shall assume the duties of the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson.  In the absence of both the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, the Board shall designate an Acting Chairperson, if necessary.  A quorum shall consist of a majority of those members entitled to act, and a decision of a majority of the quorum of such members shall control.

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