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13. Environmental Advisory Board

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2-13-1:  CREATION
2-13-4:  MEETINGS

2-13-1:  CREATION:  (2290)  There is hereby created an Environmental Advisory Board, hereinafter referred to as "the Board," consisting of seven (7) regular members and one (1) alternate member. 

2-13-2:  ADVISORY MEMBERS:  (2290)  One (1) City staff member, and one (1) member of the City Council, to be appointed by the Mayor, shall be advisory members of the Board and shall have the right to participate in all meetings of the Board; except that, they shall not have the right to vote.

2-13-3:  POWERS AND DUTIES:  (2290 2810)  The powers of the Board shall be advisory only, and the Board shall have the following duties:

(A) To advise City Council and staff on matters in the community pertaining to solid waste disposal, yard waste recycling, air quality enhancements, hazardous waste management, and storm water quality;

(B) To make recommendations to City Council and staff regarding the development of City-wide community and/or neighborhood programs to address long-range recycling and solid waste disposal issues; programs to address grass, tree limb, and leaf recycling; programs to address air quality enhancement, such as ground-level ozone programs; to address hazardous waste recycling and/or disposal; and to educate the community and serve in an advisory capacity regarding storm water quality programs.

(C) To encourage citizen participation in community recycling efforts and promote public education on the environmental benefits of various community programs, including curbside recycling, Christmas tree recycling, composting, ground level ozone action alerts, wood burning bans, and household hazardous waste disposal opportunities.

(D) To adopt, subject to approval of the Council, rules and regulations for the conduct of meetings of the Board;

(E)  The Board shall not make recommendations or advise on matters pertaining to land use, wildlife, water quality, transportation issues or internal City organization policies or programs relating to environmental issues, including anything related to staffing or other personnel-type matters; and

(F)  To recommend to or advise City Council on other environmental related items as assigned by Council.

2-13-4:  MEETINGS:  (2290 2810)  The Board shall be convened as agreed upon by a majority of members, at least four (4) times per year, and as the Chairperson of the Board requests.  A record of the minutes of each meeting shall be kept and placed in the office of the City Clerk for public inspection.  Except as provided by subsection 2-1-6(A), W.M.C., all meetings of the Board shall be open to the public.

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