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11. Open Space Advisory Board

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2-11-1:  CREATION

2-11-1:   CREATION:  (1925 2068 2174)  There is hereby created an Open Space Advisory Board, hereinafter referred to as "the Board," consisting of seven (7) regular members and one (1) alternate member.

2-11-2:  POWERS AND DUTIES:  (1925 2068) 

(A)  The Board shall obtain public input and make recommendations based on such input to City Council regarding prospective open space acquisitions pursuant to the City's Open Space Program, as set forth in Chapter 5 of Title XIII of the Westminster Municipal Code, as the same may, from time to time, be amended.  The Board, in consultation with appropriate City staff, shall also identify and prioritize potential open space acquisitions by the City and submit the Board's recommendations to City Council.  The Board shall also perform such other duties as may be specifically assigned to it from time to time by the City Council.

(B)  In carrying out its responsibilities pursuant to this Chapter, the Board may, from time to time, conduct public meetings and solicit written public comments regarding any aspect of the City's Open Space Program.  However, any meetings of the Board that may be held for the purpose of discussing specific prospective open space sites shall be closed to the public, in order not to inflate the cost of nor jeopardize the acquisition of such specific sites through the premature disclosure of such potential acquisitions to the general public, which would be disadvantageous to the general public.

(C)  At least annually, the Board shall submit to City Council the Board's recommendations concerning specific prospective sites in prioritized order.  The Board's recommendation shall include the basis upon which the Board's specific recommendations are being made.

(D)  In formulating its recommendations, the Board shall follow the policies and criteria set forth in Chapter 5 of Title XIII regarding the City's Open Space Program.

(E)  Pursuant to Section 4.17 of the City Charter, the Board shall serve solely in an advisory capacity and its recommendations shall not be binding upon the City Council. 


(A)  Any member appointed to the Board shall, upon the acceptance of such appointment, be deemed as having agreed 

(1) To be bound by the Rules of Conduct of Government Officials set forth in Section 24-18-101, et seq., C.R.S., as such provisions may, from time to time, be amended; and 

(2) To not disclose any data, the contents of any report or appraisal, or any information of whatsoever nature concerning any specific prospective open space acquisition to any person or entity, except to other Board members, members of City Council, City staff members whose specific duties include the administration of the City's Open Space Program, or as such disclosure may be required pursuant to court order.  

(B)  Any member who violates the conduct or confidentiality requirements of this Section shall be subject to being summarily suspended from office by City Council and to permanent removal by Council consistent with the provisions of City Charter concerning the removal of members of the City's Boards and Commissions.  In addition, any Board member who violates any provision of Section 24-18-101, et seq., C.R.S., concerning prohibited official conduct for the purpose of direct or indirect personal benefit, shall be liable to the City for any damages incurred by the City as a result of such improper conduct.

2-11-4:  ACTING CHAIRPERSON; QUORUM:  (1925 2068 2402)  The Chairperson may designate a member of the Board to assume the Chairperson's duties during the Chairperson's absence.  A quorum shall consist of four (4) members, and a decision of a majority of the members of the entire Board shall control.

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