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City Government


7. Salaries

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1-7-1:  ELECTIVE OFFICERS:  (1357 1899 2170 2465 3204 3246 3433)  The salaries of the City's elective officers shall be as follows:

 Mayor - $1,400 per month
 Mayor Pro Tem, elected by Council - $1,200 per month
 Councillors, other than Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem - $1,000 per month

The City's elective officers shall receive an additional monthly allowance for expenses related to the performance of their respective duties.  Commencing January 1, 2011, the allowance shall be adjusted, and biennially thereafter each January 1, by the then current Denver/Boulder Consumer Price Index, rounded to the nearest whole dollar.  This allowance shall be in lieu of any reimbursement to which the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem or Councillor may otherwise be entitled to for internet service, fax communications, cell phone usage, and local commuting costs within the City limits.  All mileage for trips outside of the City limits shall be a reimburseable expense.

The allowances shall be as follows:
 Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and Councillors - $300 per month

In addition, the City shall contribute to the City deferred compensation accounts of each such officer an amount equal to the officer's City deferred compensation contributions.  The combined contributions from the City and the elective officer shall be subject to all applicable I.R.S. regulations, but in no event shall such combined contributions from the City and the elective officer exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the officer's total City salary.

1-7-2:  MUNICIPAL JUDGE:  (1357 1447 1699 1746 1916 1982 2035 2172 2302 2360 2389 2474 2549 2619 2724 2825 2920 2980 3068 3168 3249 3318 3389 3435 3487 3600) 

The salary of the Municipal Judge shall be as follows: 

$134,144 per annum, effective January 1, 2013, payable bi-weekly inclusive of any amounts provided as City-paid deferred compensation.  Such deferred compensation amount may, at the Municipal Judge’s option, be paid as a lump sum at the beginning of the calendar year.