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31. Municipal Liens

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1-31-1:  MUNICIPAL LIENS: (1680 2125)

(A)  Any amount of money owed to the City for services, taxes, or assessments that concern or benefit the real property of the obligor shall automatically become a lien upon such real property.  Such automatic liens will not be available where the payment obligation to the City is not directly related to use, maintenance, improvement, taxation, or other service to the real property involved.  These liens shall become first and prior liens upon the property in question. These liens shall be in the nature of a municipal tax, and, as such, shall be perpetual and continuing liens.  The procedures contained in this Chapter shall be followed in enforcing such municipal liens, except in those instances where a different procedure is prescribed by another section of this Code. 

(B)  If payments due the City have not been otherwise collected, the Director of Finance may certify the amount due to the County Treasurer of the county in which the real property of the person owing the money to the City is located.  The County Treasurer, upon receipt of the statement of the Finance Director establishing the amount owed, shall collect the amount owed in the same manner as municipal taxes are collected, provided, however, that upon notice to the Treasurer by the City that the City intends to pursue judicial foreclosure of the lien so established, the Treasurer shall refrain from attempting to collect the amount due.

(C)  The procedure contained in this Chapter is not intended to establish an exclusive method for collection of amounts owed to the City, and nothing contained herein shall preclude the City from pursuing other methods of collection, including judicial foreclosure of City liens.

1-31-2:  DISCHARGE OF LIEN:  (1680) Within thirty (30) days of payment of the full amount owed to the City, the Finance Director shall notify the County Treasurer of the county in which the payor's property is situated that the amount due the City has been paid, and that any liens resulting from that debt shall be discharged.   


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