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13. Appointive Officers

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1-13-1: ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS: (1282 1413 1699 1747 1889 2603 2922) The administrative officers of the City shall be the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk and Finance Director, and such additional administrative officers as may be created by City Council.  The additional administrative officers shall be those employees serving in classifications listed as "administrative officers" in the pay and classification plan approved by City Council resolution. 

1-13-2:  MANAGER AND ATTORNEY: (Charter) The City Manager and City Attorney shall be appointed by the City Council for an indefinite period, shall be responsible to and serve at the pleasure of the City Council and shall have their compensation fixed by the City Council.

1-13-3:  APPOINTMENTS:  (1282 1413 1592) All Administrative Officers of the City, except the City Manager and City Attorney, shall be appointed by the City Manager for an indefinite period, except that Administrative Officers employed in the Office of the City Attorney shall be appointed by the City Attorney.  The appointment of City Clerk and Finance Director shall be subject to confirmation by the City Council.  Except as provided by Section 1-16-3(B), W.M.C., all persons designated as Administrative Officers under Section 1-13-1, W.M.C., hereof shall be responsible to the City Manager.  Except for the City Attorney, all Administrative Officers shall have their compensation fixed by the City Manager within the salary ranges approved by the City Council.

1-13-4:  RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS:  The City Council may require an Administrative Officer, if he is not a resident at the time of his appointment, to become a resident of the City within the time set by the City Council and so remain throughout his tenure of office or employment.

1-13-5:  OATH OF OFFICE:  Every officer before entering upon the duties of his office shall take the oath of office prescribed by Section 8, Article XII of the Constitution of the State and shall file the same with the City Clerk, together with any bond required by this Chapter. In case of failure to comply with the provisions of this Section within ten (10) days from the date of his appointment, such officer shall be deemed to have declined the office and such office shall thereupon become vacant, unless the City Council shall, by resolution, extend the time in which such officer may qualify as above set forth.

1-13-6:  SURETY BONDS:  (1959 Code 1282 1699 2603 Charter)  All officers of the City whose duties involve the custody of public property or the handling of public funds, either by way of receipt or disbursement or both, and all other officers and employees so required by the City Council shall, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, file with the City an official bond, in such form and amount as the City Council shall direct and approve. Such official bond of every officer and employee shall be conditioned that the officer or employee will faithfully perform the duties of the office, and will, on demand, deliver over to the successor in office, or other proper officer or employee, or an agent of the City, all books, papers, monies, effects and property belonging to the City, or appertaining to the office, which may be in the custody of the officer or employee; and such bonds may be further conditioned as the City Council shall prescribe. The official bond of every officer whose duty it may be to receive or pay out money, besides being conditioned as above required, shall be further conditioned that the officer will, on demand, pay over or account for to the City, or any proper officer or agent thereof, all monies received by the officer or employee.

The requirements of this Section may be met by the purchase of one (1) or more appropriate blanket surety bonds covering all, or a group of, City employees and officers, or by comparable coverage under the City insurance program.

All official bonds shall be corporate surety bonds and the premiums thereon shall be paid by the City.  The City Clerk shall be custodian of all bonds of all officers or employees, except that the Finance Director shall be custodian of any bonds pertaining solely to the City Clerk.

1-13-7:  DELIVERY OF OFFICE:  (Charter 1699) Whenever any officer or employee shall cease to hold such office or employment for any reason whatsoever, he shall within five (5) days, or sooner on demand, deliver to his successor in office or to his superior all books, papers, monies and effects in his custody as such officer or employee.  Any officer or employee found guilty of violating this provision by the Municipal Court may be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both.  Any officer violating this provision may be sued or prosecuted in the same manner as public officers generally for a like offense under State statutes.

1-13-8:  REMOVAL FROM OFFICE:  (Charter) Any appointed officer may be removed from office by the same authority and in the same manner as he was originally appointed. 

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