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City Government


12. City Manager

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1-12-2: DUTIES

1-12-1:  APPOINTMENT:  The City Council shall appoint a City Manager within ninety (90) days after any vacancy exists in such position.  The City Manager shall hold office at the pleasure of a majority of the City Council. He shall be selected solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications with special reference to his actual experience in and his knowledge of accepted practice in respect to the duties of this office as hereafter set forth.  At the time of his appointment, he need not be a resident of the City or State, but during tenure of office he shall reside within the City.

1-12-2:  DUTIES:  (1564 1699 2029 2531 3421) The City Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the City government.  His functions and duties shall be:

(A)  To be responsible to the City Council for the efficient administration of all departments of the City government, except the departments under the direction of the City Attorney, and the Municipal Court; 

(B)  To see that all laws are enforced;

(C)  To appoint the heads of the several City departments whose appointment is not otherwise specified, and to direct and supervise such department heads;

(D)  To give to the proper departments or officials ample notice of the expiration or termination of any franchises, contracts or agreements;

(E)  To see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the City or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise, or in any contract, are faithfully kept and performed;

(F)  To recommend an annual budget to the City Council and to administer the budget as finally adopted under policies formulated by the City Council, and to keep the City Council fully advised at all times as to the financial conditions and needs of the City;

(G)  To recommend to the City Council for adoption such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient, and to attend Council meetings with the right to take part in discussions but not to vote;

(H)  To exercise and perform all administrative functions of the City that are not imposed by the Charter or ordinance upon some other official;

(I)  To be responsible for the maintenance of a system of accounts of the City that shall conform to any uniform system required by the City Council and to generally accepted principles and procedures of governmental accounting.  He shall submit financial statements to the City Council quarterly, or more often as the City Council directs;

(J)  To act as purchasing agent for the City, and, in such capacity, to purchase all supplies and equipment and dispose of the same in accordance with procedures established by the City Council;

(K)  To establish, subject to approval by the City Council, appropriate personnel rules and regulations governing officers and employees of the City;

(L)  To establish, by regulation, fees up to and including one hundred dollars ($100) to be charged for City services unless such fees are otherwise set by ordinance or resolution adopted by the City Council;

(M)  To dispose of City property without City Council approval, pursuant to Section 15-2-1, W.M.C.; and

(N)  To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or required of him by ordinance or by direction of the City Council.

(O)  Notwithstanding any limitation in subsection 15-2-1(B), W.M.C., the City Manager is hereby authorized to grant easements over, under and across City-owned real property by signing easement agreements and other written instruments necessary and customary to accomplish such grants.  This authority is limited to easements where such easement is for utility, drainage or similar limited purposes, and the easement consists of no more than two (2) acres.  Nothing herein shall be deemed to require the City to grant any easement nor to limit or impede the City's ability to set terms and conditions for the granting of an easement and to fix the value thereof. 

1-12-3:  CITY COUNCIL RELATIONSHIP TO ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE:  (Charter) Neither the City Council nor any of its members shall dictate the appointment of any person to office by the City Manager or in any way interfere with the City Manager or other City officer to prevent him from exercising his judgment in the appointment or employment of officers and employees in the administrative service.

Except for the purpose of inquiry, the City Council and its members shall deal with the administrative service solely through the City Manager and neither the City Council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any of the subordinates of the City Manager.

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