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10. Mayor

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1-10-1:  ELECTION AND TERM LIMITATION OF MAYOR:  (2308 3064 3129)

(A)  The Mayor shall be elected for a four- (4) year term by a vote of the electorate at a regular City election.  To be elected, a candidate must receive at least forty percent (40%) of the votes cast for the office of Mayor.  If no candidate receives at least forty percent (40%), the two candidates with the highest number of votes for Mayor shall participate in a run-off election, which shall be held at the earliest possible date after the regular City election, and subject to the rules and procedures for municipal elections adopted by the City, as applicable.  The successful candidate in the run-off election shall take office at the first regular Council meeting following the run-off election.  Until the newly elected Mayor takes office, the previous Mayor shall continue in office.

(B)  No person shall be elected for more than two (2) consecutive terms as Mayor.  Terms are considered consecutive unless they are at least four (4) years apart.  A term as Councillor shall not be considered a consecutive term to that of a term as Mayor, nor shall a term as Mayor be considered a consecutive term to that of Councillor.  This term limitation shall apply beginning with the regular election in 1995.  The term of any person appointed to fill a vacancy shall not be considered to be part of a consecutive term for purposes of this Section.

(C)    Any Councillor may be a candidate for the office of Mayor, but no person may run for the office of Mayor and Councillor at the same election.  If a Councillor with an unexpired term is elected Mayor, the unexpired term shall be filled in the manner prescribed by Section 1-11-4, W.M.C.

(D)  If the Mayor resigns or if the office otherwise becomes vacant, the Mayor Pro Tempore shall assume the office of Mayor and shall hold office until the next regular City election.  At said election, a Mayor shall be elected for a four- (4) year term.  The position of the Councillor/Mayor Pro Tempore shall then be filled according to the provisions of Section 1-11-4, W.M.C.  This Section shall not apply to a vacancy that is the result of a recall petition or recall election, in which case City Charter procedures applicable to recall shall apply.

1-10-2:  MAYOR PRO TEMPORE:  (1699 2308)

(A)  The City Council shall, at its first meeting following each regular City election, or at the first regular meeting following a run-off election if applicable, and after the newly elected Mayor and Councillors take office, elect one (1) Councillor to serve as Mayor Pro Tempore for a term of two (2) years expiring at the first City Council meeting following the next regular City election.

(B)  Such election shall be by written ballot and by majority of the members of the City Council in office at the time.
(C)  The Mayor Pro Tempore, when acting in the absence or disability of the Mayor, shall have all the authority of the Mayor granted by City Charter, ordinance, rules or regulations.

(D)  In the event of absence, disability, or vacancy in the office of both the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore, the City Council may designate another of its members to serve as Acting Mayor during such absence, disability, or vacancy.  Such person, when acting in the absence, disability, or vacancy in office of the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tempore, shall have all the authority of the Mayor granted by City Charter, ordinance, rules or regulations.

1-10-3:  DUTIES OF MAYOR:  (1699 2308 Charter)

(A)  The Mayor shall have voice and vote in all proceedings of the City Council equal with that of other members of the City Council but shall have no veto power.  The Mayor shall be the presiding officer of the City Council.  Unless otherwise stated, the Mayor shall be considered a member of City Council for all purposes, including recall.

(B)  The Mayor shall be a conservator of the peace, and in emergencies may exercise within the City the powers conferred by the Governor of the State of Colorado for purposes of military law, and shall have authority to command the assistance of all able-bodied citizens to aid in the enforcement of the laws of the City and to suppress riot and disorder.

(C)  The Mayor shall execute and authenticate by signature such instruments as the City Council, the Charter, or any statutes of the State of Colorado or laws of the United States shall require.

(D)  Except as may be required by statute, the Mayor shall exercise only such power as the Charter or the City Council shall specifically confer. 



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