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Thank you for taking the time to review these City ordinances. This guide was designed to help you understand what you can do to make Westminster a safer, healthier and more attractive place to live. For additional information, please call the City Clerk's Office, 303-658-2161.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Patrol Services, Police Department, 303-658-4281. It is unlawful to provide any alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21 years. It is unlawful for any person to drink, possess or have under his control any alcoholic beverage in an open container in a public place. (6-9-2 and 6-9-3)

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ANIMAL PROHIBITED: Animal Management, 303-658-4326. Exotic animals and endangered species are prohibited. Livestock is restricted to limited land use categories. (6-7-12)

ANIMALS RUNNING AT LARGE ARE PROHIBITED: Animal Management, 303-658-4326; after hours, 303-658-4360. All animals must be physically controlled when off the owner's property. (6-7-5)

DOG LICENSING: Animal Management, 303-658-4326. All residents of Westminster, both in Adams and Jefferson Counties, are required to license their dogs. (6-7-4)

PET LIMIT: Animal Management, 303-658-4326. The city allows no more than three (3) dogs or cats in any combination per household. In addition, residents are allowed one (1) pot-bellied pig under 95 pounds, no more than three (3) rabbits and no more than five (5) exotic pets or smaller animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats or non-poisonous snakes under six feet, per household. The total number of pets in a household cannot exceed ten (10). (6-7-12 (A))

RABIES VACCINATIONS: Animal Management, 303-658-4326. Dogs and cats, four (4) months of age or older, must be vaccinated annually. (6-7-2)

VICIOUS ANIMALS AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS ANIMALS: Animal Management, 303-658-4326. Designed to control dangerous and vicious animals in the City, the law focuses on uninformed or irresponsible owners of animals that can cause harm to humans or other animals. The law creates two classes of animals - potentially dangerous and vicious - and requires their owners to implement specific control measures. (6-7-8)

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BUILDING PERMITS: Building Division, 303-658-2075. Building permits are required prior to construction, including fences, sprinkler systems, sheds over 120 square feet, carports, patio covers, decks over 30 inches off the ground, interior remodeling, reroofing, furnace and water heater replacement,s and electrical and plumbing remodeling, as well as gas log installations. (11-9-3)

All construction, including site grading, fences, decks and retaining walls, in a designated flood plain area will be required to have a flood plain development permit prior to beginning construction. If you have any questions, please call the Engineering Division, 303-658-2120.

Building a fence or installing landscaping on a corner lot requires a site triangle for vehicular traffic. All landscaping on corners must be kept below 30 inches. Building Division, 303-658-2075. (8-4-6(B))

CALL BEFORE YOU DIG: Call Colorado 811 by dialing 811 if installing a sprinkler system, fence, deck, landscaping, etc. Colorado 811 will automatically notify all appropriate agencies on your behalf. Allow 48 hours for response. 

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BURNING/INCINERATOR BURNING: Fire Department, 303-658-4500; after hours, 303-658-4360. Burning trash, leaves, rubbish or similar items in an open fire is prohibited. A special permit must be obtained for any outside burning. It is unlawful to have a solid fuel fired heating device in operation during a high pollution day. Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432. (8-6-1 & 8-6-2)

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DISTURBING THE PEACE: Patrol Services, Police Department, 303-658-4360; Emergencies, dial 911. It is unlawful for any person to intentionally, knowingly or willfully disturb the peace and quiet of another by unreasonable noise, indecent behavior or offensive conduct. (6-2-3)

DOOR-TO-DOOR SOLICITING: Patrol Services, Police Department, 303-658-4281. Every resident has the right to post a notice upon their property, including apartments, condominiums, mobile homes and detached residences, that soliciting or attempting to solicit from the occupants is unlawful. (6-3-5) No license or permit is required for solicitation, but a permit is required for temporary uses on private property. (11-4-17)

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FIRE HYDRANTS: Fire Department, 303-658-4500. Parking is not permitted within 10 feet of a fire hydrant in any area or zone. A clear area must be maintained around all fire hydrants (no obstructions such as fences, shrubs, trees or weeds) for a minimum of 3 feet to the sides and rear. The public is not permitted to use any fire hydrant except by special approval through the Department of Public Works and Utilities, 303-658-2500. Painting and decorating fire hydrants is not permitted. (11-10-2)

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FIREWORKS: Fire Department, 303-658-4500; after hours, 303-658-4360. The possession, sale or use of any firework is prohibited in the City of Westminster except for the use of "state permissible" fireworks during a three-day period from July 3-5. The City of Westminster Fire Code defines "permissible fireworks" as sparklers, "worms," small fountains and other items that do not explode or leave the ground. These permitted fireworks will be allowed for possession, handling and use only during the timeframe beginning at 12 a.m. (midnight) on July 3 and ending at 12 p.m. (noon) on July 5. (11-10-6)

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FLAMMABLE AND COMBUSTIBLE LIQUIDS: Fire Department, 303-658-4500; after hours, 303-658-4360. Above-ground tank and bulk storage of flammable and combustible liquids is not permitted in residential areas. Typically included are all petroleum-based fuels and lubricants, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and motor oil.

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GARAGE SALES: It is unlawful to conduct a garage sale for a period of time exceeding three (3) consecutive days in duration or to conduct more than one (1) garage sale in any ninety (90) day period.  (8-1-7)  Garage sale signs shall not exceed a maximum area of six (6) square feet, a maximum height of three (3) feet, and a minimum setback of ten (10) feet. Garage sale signs may be posted for the period three (3) days prior and three (3) days following the date of the garage sale and must not block or interfere with traffic visibility.  (11-11-4(L))

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GOPEDS/SCOOTERS, ETC.:It shall be unlawful to operate a motorcycle, motor-powered bike or scooter, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile or other vehicle device powered by an internal combustion engine on, among other locations, City park property or sidewalks without first obtaining the required permission or authorization. (10-1-14)

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GRAFFITI: Police Department, Investigation Services, 303-658-4444. Graffiti is a prohibited act. (6-16-3) Property owners must remove graffiti within 7 days. (8-1-9)

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HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Fire Department, 303-658-4500; after hours, 303-658-4360. Hazardous materials such as flammable solids, corrosive liquids, poisonous gases, toxic substances and oxidizing chemicals are generally not permitted in any residential area and may require a permit for storage of such materials. Dumping of such materials on private or public property or into the sanitary sewer or storm sewer system is prohibited. For questions regarding hazardous material disposal in Adams County call Tri-County Health Department, 303-288-6816, and in Jefferson County call Jefferson County Health & Environment, 303-232-6301.

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HOME BUSINESS: Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432. Certain businesses are allowed to be operated from a home. Several restrictions must be complied with, including: operated entirely within the dwelling unit and may not use garage; limited to 20 percent of the gross floor area or 300 square feet, whichever is less; one-square-foot sign in a window or against a wall; and no external evidence of a business. To apply for a license and obtain a copy of the restrictions required, contact the City Clerk's Office, 303-658-2161. For more information visit our Home Occupation License page. (5-3) and (11-4-10)

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PARKING RESTRICTIONS: Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432.

ABANDONED VEHICLES: Vehicles left upon the roadway over 48 hours may be considered abandoned and impounded 48 hours after posting of a courtesy notice. (10-1-17)

OVERSIZED VEHICLES AND SEMI TRUCKS: Vehicles over 11,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating and vehicles over 35 feet in length are not permitted to park in a residential area except for purposes of loading and unloading or in conjunction with a valid construction site. (10-1-12(B))

PARKING DURING SNOWSTORMS: Vehicles abandoned or parked in a designated snow route during a snowstorm may be towed and impounded without notice at the owner's expense.

PROHIBITED VEHICLES: It is unlawful to store or keep or permit to be stored or kept any vehicle, or parts thereof, that are inoperable or obviously not in a roadworthy condition, including a vehicle with a flat tire or tires, excessively leaking fluids, broken, damaged or missing head lamps, tail lamps, blinkers, windshield, rear window, windshield wipers, or not bearing proper and current registration plates unless such vehicle is stored in a building/garage. It is also unlawful for vehicles on any City street or roadway bearing proper and current license plates to remain stationary or unused for more than (15) fifteen consecutive days. (8-1-12(A))

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: It is unlawful to park any trailer, boat, camper or motor home on the street, except while actively loading or unloading. (10-1-12(B)) Residential Private Property: Vehicles, boats, trailers and/or campers must be parked on a paved or solidly rocked driveway or in a garage. (10-1-12(C))

SMOKING VEHICLES: It is unlawful to operate any gasoline-powered engine vehicle or any gasoline-powered engine that emits any visible air contaminants. Emissions that are the direct result of cold-engine start-up are exempt. (8-6-7)

VEHICLES FOR SALE: It is unlawful to park a vehicle on any street or private property displaying the vehicle for sale, except that property owners may display one vehicle per residence with a "For Sale" sign while parked in the driveway of their own residence. (10-1-12 (C) 5)

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PENALTIES FOR CODE VIOLATIONS: The City may initiate an enforcement action for a specific violation of the Westminster Municipal Code based on information provided by a citizen complaint or by City personnel who observe the violation. Written notice may be posted on the property or provided to the owner or occupant of the property establishing a reasonable time to correct the violation. For Property Standards violations, failure to timely correct the violation may result in an administrative penalty citation being issued. The Code Enforcement Division has more information on administrative penalty citations.

For other violations of the Westminster Municipal Code, including the Property Standards ordinance, a summons to appear in court may follow if the violation is not brought into compliance. A conviction for an ordinance violation may result in a maximum fine of $1,000, a court order to cure the violation and/or a maximum of 365 days in jail.

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PREMISES IDENTIFICATION: Fire Department, 303-658-4500. Approved numbers or addresses are required on all new and existing buildings and homes in such a position as to be plainly visible from the street or road fronting the property. The numbers must contrast with the background. (11-12-6(F))

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PROPERTY STANDARDS: Investigation Services, Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432. Minimum maintenance and use standards exist that apply to all properties in the City. Many of these property standards are covered in other sections listed on this webpage; e.g., junk, weeds and garage sales. Additional property standards apply, including: (1) requiring exterior finishes, windows and doors to be in good repair; (2) prohibiting dumpsters at one- or two-family dwellings unless approved by the City; and (3) limitations on the number and placement of outdoor household trash containers. (8-1)

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SEAT BELTS: Patrol Services, Police Department, 303-658-4281. Every driver and front seat passenger in a motor vehicle equipped with a safety belt system must wear a fastened safety belt while the motor vehicle is being operated. Children at least 4 years of age are required to buckle up in all seating positions. Children under 4 years of age and/or under 40 pounds must be secured in an approved child safety seat. (C.R.S. section 42-4-237)

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SEWER SYSTEM: Utilities Operations Division, 303-658-2500; after hours and emergencies, 303-658-4360. It is unlawful to discharge any material into your sanitary sewer drain that would cause an obstruction to the flow in the sewers or could interfere in any way with the wastewater treatment process. Materials prohibited are improperly shredded garbage, grease, oil, sump pump discharge, disposable diapers, motor oil, gasoline, herbicides, pesticides and weed killers. (8-8-4)

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SIDEWALK/SNOW REMOVAL: Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432. It is unlawful for any person to allow snow or ice to remain on any sidewalk open to the public and abutting or adjoining the property controlled, owned or occupied by such person after twenty-four (24) hours of the last measurable snow fall or snow drift. (8-1-10(A)). Snow removal from city sidewalks: Parks Division, 303-658-2192.

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SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited indoors and within 15 feet of a main entryway with limited exceptions. (6-13)

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SNOW PLOWING: Street Division, 303-658-2501 When snow storms occur, the City follows a street plowing procedure that prioritizes arterial and collector streets, with residential streets designated a lower priority. This procedure is followed to keep major traffic routes open, particularly to allow emergency vehicle passage.  Additional information is available on the Snow and Ice Control page.

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SPACE HEATERS: Fire Department, 303-658-4500. Unvented fuel-burning (such as kerosene) room heaters are not permitted to be installed, used or maintained in sleeping rooms, bathrooms, toilet rooms or storage closets. (11-12-4(F)(1))

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STREET LIGHTS: Street Operations Division, 303-658-2501, or Xcel Energy, 1-800-481-4700. Xcel Energy performs necessary repairs and maintenance of street lights within the City of Westminster. Proceeds from the monthly Infrastructure Fee collected by the City as part of consumers’ utility bills are used to offset the City’s costs in providing concrete replacement and street lighting services. (9-8-3)

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TRAFFIC LIGHTS: Engineering Division, 303-658-2145. Traffic volume counts are also available on the City Street Vehicle Traffic Volumes page, or call 303-658-2144. 

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TRASH, RUBBISH AND JUNK: Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432. Accumulations of trash, junk, vehicles parts, appliances, indoor furniture, tree limbs or other rubbish are not permitted to be stored outdoors. Such items not stored in an enclosed structure may be subject to a nuisance abatement act or administrative penalty citation. (8-1-11)

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TREE MAINTENANCE: Parks, Recreation & Libraries, 303-658-2190. All property owners or occupants are required to remove dead trees or overhanging branches dangerous to life, limb or property. The City has the option, after written notification to remove the tree hazard, and to charge the property owner for the work. Property owners/occupants are required to maintain their property from the curb line (including rights-of-way on the property). (13-3-3)

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WATER/SEWER CONNECTION: Utilities Operations Division, 303-658-2500. The water meter is the property of the City and if it is found to be faulty, it will be replaced without charge to the customer. It is unlawful to tamper with the meter in any way. When requested by a customer, inspection of the meter will be scheduled. If the meter is not faulty, a charge of $25 will be applied to the utility bill. The homeowner, business owner or occupant of the property is responsible for keeping the water meter pit accessible at all times for meter readings and maintenance. (8-7-8(B); 8-7-12; 8-7-13)

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WEEDS: Code Enforcement, 303-658-4432. City ordinance requires that residents maintain the grass and weed growth on their property. Weeds over twelve (12) inches or turf over six (6) inches must be cut. Property not maintained may be cut by the City and the property owner charged a fee plus the actual cost of the cutting, and/or issued an administrative citation. (8-1-13)

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