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Year-end Tax Information

2016 Annual Returns

Returns covering the period from January - December 2016 are due January 20, 2017. Although returns will continue to be required from your business on an annual basis, the City does not furnish the return form.  Returns can be filed online using the city's F.A.S.T. Filing system, or you can fill in and print a blank return form.  Taxpayers may also file on allowable substitute tax forms produced by their accounting or tax software systems provided such forms comply with the Rules Governing the Use of Substitute Tax Forms.

If you cancelled your license and closed your account during the year, a return is required for the portion of the year that you were operating. If you are no longer engaged in business in the city, or your address has changed, mark Schedule A accordingly and complete the applicable sections at the bottom of the form. Complete the return for the period that you were operating.

A return must be filed on or before January 20, 2017 even if no tax is due. Late returns are subject to a 10% penalty with a minimum penalty of $15. Additional penalties and interest may also apply. The return is a combined sales tax and use tax return. All businesses operating within the city will likely have a use tax liability even if they do not make taxable sales. Refer to the Use Tax Information section for more information. Gross sales and appropriate deductions should be reported even if you do not make taxable sales.

Online filing using the city's F.A.S.T. Filing system will be available for annual filers beginning January 1, 2017. Save time and postage, and reduce calculation errors, by submitting your sales and use tax return electronically. Taxpayers may file current, zero liability returns or file and pay current returns via ACH debit (e-check). First time filers may want to view one of the following short video tutorials demonstrating how to file online using the city's F.A.S.T. Filing system.

Learn how to F.A.S.T. File and pay taxes due
Learn how to F.A.S.T. File a zero return

Sales Tax Filing Reminders

The Sales Tax Division is pleased to offer tax return filing reminders via electronic mail. To subscribe, please visit the Tax Filing Reminder Page.  

2017 Tax Forms

The City of Westminster does not supply pre-printed tax forms. Many taxpayers now file online or use acceptable substitute tax forms. The following options are available for obtaining and filing returns:

When using forms obtained from the city's website, or when using acceptable subsitute forms, remember to check for the following to ensure your return is considered "on time":

  • The return shows the applicable reporting period covered.
  • The return shows the correct due date. See Detailed Filing Information for a list of due dates.
  • The return shows your 7-digit Westminster account number. Do not list an F.E.I.N. or Colorado tax account number.
  • The return shows the legal name of your business.
  • The return shows your current mailing address.
  • All required lines have been completed even if the amount shown is -0-.
  • The return is signed by the individual who prepared it.

Mailing Address for Returns

Tax returns must be postmarked by the due date and mailed to the city's lockbox as follows:

Sales Tax Division
City of Westminster
PO Box 17107
Denver, CO 80217-7107

Additional Questions

If you have any questions, please contact the Sales Tax Division at (303) 658-2065. You can also reach us by e-mail to salestax@cityofwestminster.us.

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