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Tax and License Toolbox

Every person engaged in business in Westminster must comply with the city's licensing and tax laws. All businesses must apply for a Westminster Business and/or Sales and Use Tax License. The licenses required depend on what the business will be doing in the city. Business licensing is handled by the City Clerk's Office. Westminster also administers and collects its own local taxes. The Sales Tax Division administers all provisions of the Westminster Municipal Code pertaining to taxation. The division processes tax receipts, handles tax inquiries, collects delinquent taxes, and conducts audits of businesses.

Westminster tax and licensing laws may differ from those of other local governments and from the State of Colorado. The following pages include information that will be helpful to businesses seeking to understand the city's tax and licensing requirements.

Year-end Tax Information

ACH Credit Payments - Information and forms on Westminster's new ACH Credit payment method.

Licenses - To conduct business in Westminster you must register your business and obtain the appropriate licenses.

Sales and Use Tax - As a home rule city, Westminster administers and collects its own sales and use tax. Currently, the city sales and use tax rate is 3.85%.

F.A.S.T. Filing - Use our secure site to file zero liability sales and use tax returns or file and pay sales and use tax returns.

Additional Taxes - The city also collects a number of additional taxes, including building materials use tax, accommodations tax and admissions tax.

Forms - Important City tax forms and links to other county, state, and federal tax websites.

Tax Compliance Guide - Information on a variety of tax topics and industries.

Tax Regulations - Legal regulations promulgated by the Finance Director pursuant to § 4-1-10 of the Westminster Municipal Code.

Sales Tax by Address - Information on electronic location databases to ensure proper tax collection.

Filing Reminders - Sign up to receive tax return filing reminders by electronic mail.

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