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Development Assistance FAQ’s

The City’s Economic Development Office is the in-house advocate for the business community. Staff is ready to assist new businesses and developments, work with existing businesses and set the stage for future development and redevelopment opportunities. Staff tracks all commercial and real estate in the city, provides detailed demographic information, and is your source for information concerning business development in Westminster. View a listing of available Business Services.

How can I find out about the city’s development guidelines and regulations?

The Planning Division is primarily responsible for the coordination and approval process for all proposed land development, and is also involved in a number of special projects and long-term land use planning activities.  The division also performs inspections and enforces development plans and processes to general zoning requests.

Zoning, setbacks, and general land use questions and information:

Please contact Stephanie Ashmann at 303-658-2097 or David German at 303-658-2101.

More specific information on development guidelines, regulations, fees and forms can be found on the Planning Division web pages.

Do I need a business license and how much do I have to pay in taxes?

Every person engaged in business in Westminster must comply with the city’s licensing and tax laws.  All businesses must apply for a Westminster Business and or Sales and Use Tax License.  The license required depend on what the business will be doing in the City.  Business licensing is handled by the City Clerk’s Office.  Westminster also administers and collects its own local taxes.  The Sales Tax Division administers all provisions of the Westminster Municipal Code pertaining to taxation.  The division processes tax receipts, handles tax inquiries, collects delinquent taxes, and conducts audits of businesses. Westminster tax and licensing laws may differ from those of other local governments and from the State of Colorado.

Access our Tax and License toolbox.

How long does it take to get a building permit?

The time required to get a building permit depends on the type of work you intend to do and your ability to submit complete information.

The Building Division issues permits for all new construction within Westminster.  This involves the detailed examination of building plans, calculations and specifications for compliance with building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes, as well as field inspections of all aspects of construction and its various component parts and systems.

For more information about building codes please visit the Building Division web pages.


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