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Small Business Grant Programs


Small Business Capital Project Grant

The Small Business Capital Project Grant provides financial assistance to encourage the growth of existing businesses in Westminster with 50 or fewer employees. 

The program is designed to pay for one-time, project-related costs.

Business Eligibility: 

  • Must have an active Westminster Business License.
  • 50 or fewer employees (FTEs).
  • Business must show proof of project completion and proof of payment before receiving reimbursement for project costs.

 Grant Guidelines: 

  • Grant amount is 10 percent of project cost.
  • Proof of purchase/project completion required.
  • Maximum grant amount of $5,000.
  • Only one grant per business per year.
  • Available only as funding is available.

 Qualifying Projects (but not limited to): 

  • Tangible asset costs.
  • Office furnishings.
  • Specialized equipment.
  • Software purchase.
  • IT equipment.
  • Capital improvements.
  • Machinery.

 General operational expenses, including rent, utilities, training, marketing, networking and staff remuneration, will not be considered for grant reimbursement. 


  • Complete the Capital Project Grant Brochure & Application and return it to the Economic Development Office.
  • Submit detailed list of all project-related costs, with vendor’s name and supporting invoices.
  • Identify if grant monies should be paid directly to vendor or directly to applying businesses.
  • Staff will contact you concerning grant approval.

For additional information regarding the Small Business Capital Project Grant, contact Ryan Johnson at 303-658-2110. 

Westminster Economic Development Office
Westminster City Hall
4800 W. 92nd Ave.
Westminster, CO 80031
Fax: 303-706-3922

Small Business Scholarship

The Small Business Training/Scholarship Program provides reimbursement of business training expenses to licensed Westminster entrepreneurs and small business owners/employers with 50 or fewer employees. The program reimburses 50 percent of the cost of tuition, fees, and required materials, up to $500 per business, per calendar year, after successful completion of courses. Courses may include:

Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Computer Skills, Human Resources, Manufacturing Trades, New Technology
The program allows for a great deal of flexibility in choosing the type of training.  All courses that reasonably benefit the business are eligible.  Applicants may choose courses from any accredited institution or generally accepted program. 

How It Works: 

1. Choose what type of training will benefit your business.
2. Complete the Scholarship Application and return it to the Economic Development Office at Westminster City Hall (4800 W. 92nd Ave., Westminster, CO 80031) or FAX it to 303-706-3922 prior to the course start date.  A course description should accompany the application.
3. City staff reviews the application and approves or denies the request. Approval is based on availability of program funds and the course's contribution to business operations.
4. If approved, the business owner/employee registers and pays for course tuition and required materials.
5. After successful completion of the course, submit proof of satisfactory completion (completion certificate, letter of completion, etc.) and proof of payment (receipt, credit card statement, returned check, etc.) to the city's Economic Development Office.
6. The business receives 50% reimbursement for the course, up to $500 per calendar year. Note: reimbursement is made directly to the business, not to the program participant. 

Contact: Economic Development at 303-658-2108

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